Monday, November 24, 2008

Batman: The Brave and the Bold Episode 2

The second episode of the new Batman team-up series has come and gone, and I must say that I enjoyed it at least as much as the first episode which I liked a lot. I this episode we get Batman teaming up with Plastic Man. They face off against the Gentleman Ghost, and later on against Gorilla Grodd and his fellow Gorillas mounted on pterodactyls. His goal, pretty much classic, which is to steal ships right out of the sea by lifting them up with ropes and plenty of flying dinosaur power. Oh, and his plan to turn all humans in a 500 mile radius into apes.

The moral dilemma in this one has to do with friendship and trust, and not betraying trust, etc. The Plastic Man origin story is altered to include Batman as a central character in it, as well as adding Kite Man as the leader of the gang that Eel was in when he was a criminal.

It's funny and fun, it's not overly preachy, and we get to see Batman kicking butt in Gorilla form while Plastic Man fires bars of gold out of his mouth (he swallowed them hoping to keep them) by whacking himself in the stomach. It's sort of refreshing and welcome to me.

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