Friday, November 14, 2008


Rest assured, once a train has pulled fully out of the station I will be right there and ready to get on.

Zuda is DC Comics' Webcomics division. I have really only read a few things there in the past, and never previously voted in their competitions or rated comics there, etc. I have been following the comic The Night Owls there, and it is great. The art and writing both are terrific. I also read Paul Maybury's very cute Adventure's of Maxy J. Millionaire, which I liked a lot.

I went back to read more recently, and am going to try to give this thing a spin for a while. There is a competition going on right now, and after having read all of the offerings I have to say that this one is my current favorite:
Planet X

I am going to admit, that this site has a fairly steep learning curve for someone like me who is slow to embrace new things sometimes. It took me some fiddling around and trial and error, but I mostly got the hang of it.

The voting/rating/commenting aspect of the site is interesting to me. I don't have a great sense of what it really all amounts to, but it is still kind of fun, and for the most part I have seen constructive criticism presented in a fairly civil way. If it gives me a free source of new comics to browse and read at will, I am inclined to like it. Like most things where you have a wide variety of creators, not all of the offerings are great, but some really are. You can rest assured that I will report on what I read there in the future.

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