Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Drugs are awesome!

I have never read Comic Foundry before, but I have been dying to, since it has gotten some good reviews from people whose opinions I trust. I have been trying to get it through my LCS, but for some reason it has been harder than expected. Today my friends at my local shop came through for me, so I was excited to finally read what seemed to be a magazine that fit the bill of being exactly the type of thing I would like.

I really enjoyed the issue. There is a lot of good stuff in it, and I expect to keep picking it up. It doesn't seem to be trying too terribly hard to be hip and edgy. I understand the need to do that to some degree, and it doesn't bother me at all. That wouldn't count as a strike against them, as I realize, there is an expectation by some out there that everything needs to be snarky, and an article without some gratuitous obscenities just isn't a finished article.

This magazine has a bit on Jaime Hernandez, Minicomics, Mortal Kombat vs the DC Universe,G. Willow Wilson, Gail Simone, Obscenities Law, a variety of politically related features, it's fantastic really in it's scope. I think it is needlessly too fantastic in scope with it's inclusion of the 'Best Comics To Read High" feature.

Grab your rolling papers, these comics are dope...

It's very helpful that they have a guide like that in this magazine. Since drugs are legal in the US, I think it's a valuable service to their readership. I'm not sure why drugs need to be so pervasive. People can do what they will, and face whatever consequences there may or may not be, that isn't the issue to me.

I am looking forward to reading their lists of comics to read while committing other crimes. What do they recommend as required reading for people illegally uploading and downloading comics? What do they recommend for white collar crimes? Are there specific drugs they advocate for specific comics? I just think stuff like that is unnecessary pandering. I re-read it a few times. I guess it could be a joke. The setup paragraph reads sort of like a joke, but the reviews of the four items they present are fairly straight forward. Even if it is a joke, I think it brings the magazine down a little.

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EmpathicFrost said...

Hahaha. Best comics to rob banks to.