Monday, December 1, 2008

Zuda, it's the Zima of comics

By that I mean delicious, refreshing and totally hip, of course! Maybe I don't understand the name, maybe I don't fully understand how you know which comics will continue to be updated and for how long, etc., but I DO know that I am getting a lot of enjoyment out of a lot of really great comics thanks to that site

Zuda, as you know is the DC comics web comics arm. They have monthly contests that pit web comic offerings against each other for something... honestly I am not fully clear on how all of this works. I have poked around some, but other than the basic idea that I read things, I rate them, and I give my vote to the one that I think is best, I may be too lazy to figure it out beyond that.

Here is the December contest page

There are a number of good entries here. I won't detail them all, but my favorite two right now are:
Angus Frump Kills Christmas A Single Soul

I recommend reading all of the offerings, but Angus Frump Kills Christmas is extremely well done and non-stop funny. It is very polished in it's art and in it's humor. I certainly hope we get to see plenty more of it.

A Single Soul looks very promising, and stands out thanks to the pretty incredible pen and ink drawing, as well as what looks to be a sort of mythological horror / action/adventure motif. Given it's nature I will need to see more of it to really know anything about it, but so far it stands out a bit more than the other offerings I liked after 'angus'

If you are looking for other recommendations of top notch comics to read, I would put the following three up against just about anything else I read regularly in terms of quality and entertainment value: High Moon, Night Owls, Bayou.


RKB said...

don't forget to check out dual and road, those are two of my favs, that have won a contest.

Talkin Bout Comics said...

Thanks for the suggestions, I will absolutely check them out!

saulone said...

Big fan of these two as well. I've thrown my vote in for A Single Soul this month. Nice blog BTW. :)

Talkin Bout Comics said...

Thanks! I'm hoping they both do really well.

Talkin Bout Comics said...

RKB - I just read Dual and Road today, and both are pretty great. Thanks for the recommendation, I will probably post about them next time I do a Zuda post. I am thrilled by the amount of exceptional comics available there.