Saturday, November 22, 2008

Popgun Bullets: Popgun Volume One, part three - The next 50 pages

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  • p105 Remnants - Llarena/Sobreiro - Perhaps this is too sophisticated for me. The art is decent, but the story isn't so much a storry as it is a statement or a monologue of sorts. I guess that maybe it's a statement on religion or human nature or something, but it zips right over my head.
  • p113 The Fall Of Geometry - Coleman Engle - I love the art in this. It is bright and cute and all, but this is another story I am not sure the point of. The art is great, except that it is so light and pleasant in style that the scenes of destruction and guts being sliced open and a cat cut in half are way way harder for me to handle. I noted the references to Ender's Game, but am not sure what purpose they serve. Shapes are falling from the sky cutting things into pieces. It appears to be a defense system gone wrong, but then we mostly just get people dying and things being destroyed.
  • p129 Leed's Devil - Joe Flood - This is a pretty standard sort of story done well. It feels like the x-files and any number of private detective shows/movies. That isn't a criticism, just a comment as a frame of reference. There is a very cool looking devil/dragon creature in it, and it is written well.
  • p147 New Brighton Archeological Society - Smith/Weldon - The art for this is again amazing. The story itself is really just a bath gag, and really the sort of thing you have probably seen in Calvin & Hobbes in one form or another. As part of a larger work it would be great, but although I liked it fine and appreciate the art, I'm not doing flips over it.
  • p150 Amazing Joy Buzzards promotional piece - Dan Hipp - I still love his art. I am not sure why this is in this volume though.

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