Monday, November 17, 2008

Taking Issue - Justice Society of America - Kingdom Come Special - Superman #1

JSA - Kingdom Come Special - Superman #1 - I was trying to avoid getting this, but I finally broke down. I really liked Kingdom Come. I started reading JSA solely because of the Kingdom Come related storyline. I have enjoyed it for the most part, even though it seems to have been going on forever. I really don't like big sweeping events, but if they are contained in a single title, then it isn't an event, it's a storyline, and I am fine with those. I was a bit upset when I saw that there were going to be these oneshots flying out of the storyline. Honestly, I hate having to buy 3 or 4 extra issues just to get the whole story. Make it take longer and just stick it all in the main title, that's ok with me.

This is a $3.99 issue, and the story is only 22 pages. It looks good, and fits right into the storyline, and gives us some character development and fleshes out some things we may not have had as much detail on, but mostly nothing happens in it.

KC Superman responds to a situation that looks exactly like how KC Lois died. This situation happened by accident. Their Kryptonite bomb went off early. Unfortunately for the Luthor-hired tech armored thugs KC superman isn't affected by our kryptonite. Regular Superman shows up and gets a super sock in the jaw, then KC Superman goes to talk to Norman McKay (not HIS Norman McKay, but sometimes ANY Norman McKay will do. He chats with the guy in his church, and eventually ends up back at JSA HQ and meets with Lois Lane and recaps what happened to his Lois.

There is a good bit more material in the issue, but none of it is what I buy comics for. I like seeing the extra, making of, stuff and things like that, but I like it better tossed into a good trade paperback to give some value added. I don't like it as filler to beef up the slight and somewhat overpriced ,for what it is, issue. It certainly isn't the worst thing, but in a time when I sort of have to cut down my comics related spending, it would be nice not to have things like this dangled out there.

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