Saturday, November 8, 2008

Incredible JERK is more like it...

AAFES #6 - Stuart Woods & Cliff Richards - This is the sixth issue of the free Marvel comics created for, and distributed through, the Army and Air Force Exchange Service. It is not for resale. My mom picks them up when she sees them at the exchange when she goes shopping.

This one is called Fireline, and has the New Avengers logo on the front, as well as Spider-Man, Hulk and Iron Man on the cover. The sort of strange thing is that Spider-Man is the only New Avenger in it, and in the story, there is nothing to do with the New Avengers. Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk, and Human Torch are all in this, but none of them are there as part of any team really.

It isn't the worst thing I have read. It is really pretty good considering my opinion about these sorts of comics. I am always suspicious of comics that seem too much like a recruiting tool or mindless propaganda. This doesn't really come off too strongly as either. It isn't terrible, and it showcases the resources used in the modern day fighting of forest fires, and centers on the National Guard. I have nothing against it.

What this really shows us, above all else is that the Hulk may be the #1 jerk in the Marvel Universe, with Tony Stark coming in at #2.

Here is how the comic goes: Some national guard guys are walking through the woods tracking something that might be big foot. It turns out to be the Hulk. For someone who wants to be left alone, he is clueless about how not to be found. He gets cranky at them and they say... You know what... You aren't hurting anyone, we'll leave you alone. Have a nice day Mr. Hulk... Hulks says.. Oh yeah... Like you could do anything to me if you wanted to... and then knocks down some power lines just to show he hates the National Guard. Everyone leaves. Oh, that power line... it sparks up and starts a forest fire that will devour San Diego if left unchecked.

Fortunately Tony Stark is nearby, touting his new civilian model armor line, and Peter Parker is there taking pictures of it. OMG Forest fire!!! Pete and Tony run off to change clothes and go fight the fire. Sadly, there is no hilarious scene where they get their costumes mixed up. There is a panel or two where Tony says 'They don't want your outlaw help' and Peter says ' Let's hear what they say' and National Guard guys say... 'Your darn right we don't!! I would rather see little kids burned to death than rescued by the likes of you!' (That dialog my not exactly reflect what is actually in the comic).

So, Hulk started the fire, and is apparently hiding IN THE FIRE, right next to the house of an old guy who will die in the fire without his help. A guardsman shows up and has to work to persuade the jerk to rescue the old guy. The good news is that Spider-Man has the human Torch on speed dial and Johnny pops right on over to help create a fire line as only he is qualified.

It's a little silly, but not the worst thing. I sometimes wonder who the audience for this sort of thing really is. I assume it is at least partly for the kids of people serving their country in the military, in which case I have no pithy comment, and think that's a pretty decent thing for them to do.


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