Friday, November 21, 2008

Popgun Bullets: Popgun Volume One, part two - The next fifty pages

Here is a link to Part One.

  • p 51 Thrilling Ant Farm (fake ad) - Danny Hellman - One page gag. It's funny though, and describes a product every bit as lame as I always assumed the stuff in the back of comics would be.
  • p52 Pinapl - Corey Lewis - I am crazy about this. I don't know what it is about it, but every bit of it is awesome and just pops off the page to me. The color is crazy in a good way, and there is so much movement and sound. I would love to see more of this in all it's future samurai gangland action glory.
  • p67 She's Out Of Reach - Jim Mahfood - This is a very good five pages. I swear I thought it was longer than that when I read it, but it crams a good bit into the five pages. It's fun and interesting. The art is great. It certainly has the feel of a story being told by 'one of your friends' about that 'ideal match' they found, and why it didn't work. I think it's a good use of five pages and a good anthology piece.
  • p72 Motorface - Benjamin Roman - It's two pages long. The art is great, but it's not a story and not quite a gag.
  • p74 Hector Plasm In Palamon's Conundrum - Benito Cereno and Nate Bellegarde - This is a Hector Plasm story, and a really good one. I am a big Hector Plasm fan, but I will say that the writing is great, the art is great, and it is a great short piece for an anthology. We get to hear a tragic love story, as well as seeing the sort of empathy Hector has with the dead. You don't have to know the character to understand it, but if you do it's that much better.
  • p81 Monoluminant: The Goblin Sisters - Joe Suitor - Ok, even I am getting a little tired of how much I have liked the various pieces I have reviewed. I promise you it's because they are good, and not because I am THAT easy. This is another great story with terrific art. It's very funny and cool. I am pretty sure that this is a true story of Jimmy Page... It's got guitars and creepy creatures in it. It's another good piece.
  • p89 Sanz Pantz Ninja Platypus - Chris Moreno - I should get a thesaurus. This is a touching piece on just how far some will go for a loved one (in this case it's beer). The main character is a platypus, and looks a lot like a ninja turtle. That is just a fact of life for that sort of creature wearing that sort of mask and practicing martial arts. It's another funny story, and it's well done. Cheesy T-Shirt Slogan Clan has to be my favorite ninja clan ever.
  • p95 The Amazing Joy Buzzards in The Fearless Vampire Hunters - Mark Andrew Smith/Dan Hipp - I really like Amazing Joy Buzzards. I really like how it is written and drawn. I think there is a bit too much Smith in this volume for having been edited by him. I know there were bits by others that were cut out of the volume, but there sure does seem to be a lot of Smith in it. I think this bit is great, I'm not trying to take away from that, honest.
  • p99 Tag - Dave Crosland - This is like a gag and an editorial statement wrapped in one. I love the art, I love the color, and I love the way that this is so different from so much of what went in before it.
That brings me to page 104. I will break here and pick up with the next page range soon.

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