Thursday, November 20, 2008

Comic Book Day 11/19/08

Yesterday was a pretty great day for comics. I noted in my previous post that I also got the Fall issue of Comic Foundry magazine. I really enjoyed it.

Atomic Robo: Dogs of War #4 - Another fantastic issue. I enjoyed it start to finish. It is a bit of a bummer that we only get one more issue in this. Hopefully we won't have to wait long for the next series. The issue is non-stop action, great art and great writing. The story is good, the banter is even better. I don't care what either of them say at the end of this issue, I think Robo and Sparrow are going to be BFFs. I really love the character Sparrow. I would read other things with her in it assuming she is written and drawn the way she is in this.

Amazing Spider-Man #578 - Great issue. It starts out funny, Spidey gets a fortune in a fortune cookie that promises he will be lucky, and then he goes through a number of situations where indeed we see that he IS quite lucky today. He gets a free train ride, meets a half naked model just itching for a photographer, and then lands smack in the middle of an attempted hit on an entire train filled with jurors in a mob trial. He even meets the father of his greatest detractor. Mark Waid does a great job with the writing here. I didn't see the Stallone movie 'Daylight' so I can't make any references to it, but this has a bit of the disaster movie vibe to it, in a pretty good way. It's nice to see the Shocker, and even nicer to see that there are still stupid villains out there.

Terra #2 - I am going to keep getting this. I am not generally a Power Girl fan. I also don't read comics for the t&a generally. The first three pages of this issue feature Terra scrambling around naked, looking for her clothes after being examined by Dr. Mid-Nite. It is extremely funny. There is an Austin Powers like series of conveniently placed word balloons and hands in the foreground that protect our heroines modesty at least a little. I say this every time I read a comic with her art in it, but I really do love Amanda Conner's art. The issue seems a bit heavy on the gratuitously sexy art, but it is funny and well written, and aside from all of the flesh we see, we are presented with an interesting main character with a ton of plot possibilities and a pretty great attitude. Hopefully when this mini is over we will get to see more of her.

Justice Society of America: Kingdom Come Special: Magog - I think I got a bit more out of this than I did from the Superman one shot, simply because we have less history with Magog and 'Lance' than we do with Superman. I still think 4 dollars is too much for this. It was perfectly in keeping with the storyline, it did give us something we hadn't seen more or less, but I think maybe this could have been inserted into a JSA issue. If we had gotten a full length JSA story and this as a backup, that would have been a reasonable giant sized issue to pay a little more for.

Tiny Titans #10 - Happy tenth issue anniversary Tiny Titans. Good job in keeping true to yourself! This issue is a bit different from previous issues, in that it is a single story and not just related bits. It is sweet as can be, and features Supergirl and Batgirl as well as Streaky and Ace. We get the cutest killer croc ever, as well as bizarro, and there is nothing but sweetness and kindness to be found. I love the simplicity of it as well as the absolutely fantastic art. This continues to be the title that makes me smile the most of any comics I get regularly.

AmbushBug: Year None #4 - This issue seems devoted specifically to making fun of Dan DiDio, and it succeeds. It is also just flat out funny in a sort of Animaniacs kind of way. I am enjoying this title a lot.

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