Friday, February 27, 2009

Comic Book Day 2/25/2009

Green Lantern #38 - After picking up #37 and finding it intriguingly crazy and pretty cool, I picked up 38 and it delivered plenty more of the same. I really hadn't expected to enjoy this, or even pick it up, but I may need to ride it out for a bit.

Echo #10 - Excellent issue. I love the characters in this. Ivy Raven and Julie Martin are great. Ivy Raven is a great character and extremely intriguing. The more we see of her the more we want to see. Still a bit shorter than I would like, but good stuff.

Dr. Doom And The Masters Of Evil #2 - Another good issue. Not quite as funny in my opinion as the first issue, but still a lot of fun with great art and humor.

Madame Xanadu #8 - I know I keep saying this, but I think I am going to cancel this. There are a few other comics that I may start pulling, and I should probably drop some that aren't doing as much for me anymore. The art of Amy Reeder Hadley continues to be the big draw. I like the writing, and I am curious about the interaction between Madame X and the Phantom Stranger, but I am thinking that trades might be the way for me to go in the future.

Incredible Hercules #126 - This really feels like a catch up issue. I mean... it actually IS a catch up issue. There's an origin story, then a couple pages of 'Saga'-like recounting of the story so far, and then a back-up story about Amadeus's bittersweet reunion with Kirby, his cute as heck little puppy that had been replaced by a skrull. The backup is my favorite part of this, although I liked the rest of the material ok. The backup has art by Takeshi Miyazawa, and it's pretty great.

Runaways #7 - I have said previously that I am a pretty big fan of Humberto Ramos's art, but it is pretty neat to see Takeshi Miyazawa's art on this issue. It is a bit tough sometimes when artists change on a title, and the styles are far enough apart that it's hard to tell who is who at first. I got that a lot in this issue, but I REALLY like the art, so it's worth it. I think the zombie army storyline looks like a funny one, so I think I will stay with this for at least a bit longer.

Justice Society # 24 - Pretty good issue. Not my most or least favorite, and I do like the Shazam stuff. I DO NOT like or ever need to see this current incarnation of Mary Marvel, but I like to just pretend it's not her, and that the Mary from Billy Batson... is the one true Mary... the pink haired one is like Mairee Marvul... see I understand the confusion, sounds the same but totally not the same...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Zuda : A love story

I figured that it was about time for me to post about Zuda again. I know that I haven given plenty of lip service to Bayou, and I previously devoted a post to Celadore, but that doesn't mean I am done talking about them.

If you really haven't heard of Zuda before, stop right now and follow this link right here

Zuda is the DC comics Webcomics division. It is set up around a monthly contest where everyone can read and rate and vote on a selection of webcomics all 8 screens long. Winners of the monthly contests get the ability to continue offering their strips at Zuda(I assume), and as such, there are an ever increasing number of regularly updating webcomics of all genres and styles. There really is a pretty great variety among the offerings, although themes of horror and fantasy and science fiction are represented perhaps more heavily than others, but within those designations the variety is still pretty great. None of the series I am reading on Zuda remind me even the slightest of any of the others I am reading there, or for the most part anywhere else. The talent that is regularly updating on this site is pretty staggering. I recently voiced a sort of half sincere 'complaint' about webcomics in general, and having to wait for relatively small bites for my personal taste. I am generally a sort of voracious comic reader, and when I start reading something great, i want to read it all, right now. It was pointed out by one of the sites top creators that they actually update at a rate of 4 pages weekly, which is a pretty great rate, actually. That got me to thinking, and I came to a different conclusion than I had previously had.

A particularly nice thing about the site isn't that I can go there and read a single web comic when it is updated and just forget about it until the next update and never look at any other aspect of the site... although you could do that and still get way more than your moneys worth. What is really nice for me is that there is such a wealth of talent there and community as well, that if you go in weekly or biweekly, or whatever, you have this fantastic online serialized anthology, with the ability to post and interact with the creators. There is also a certain joy to a place where there seem to be as many creators paying attention to the community and the comics there, as there are random readers. It really makes it a pretty cool experience that is greater than the some of its parts as they say.

Here's what I am reading these days: (along with how many screens they have up right this second)

The Night Owls
- 101 screens so far of Hilarity and style. This comic strip is reliably funny and beautifully drawn. If you aren't reading it, you should be... Unless you hate funny.
High Moon - Weird Western - 134 pages - Written and drawn as well as anything in print, in my opinion. This series has the supernatural western vibe with compelling characters and great stories. Now in it's third season!
Bayou - Horror fantasy -181 screens so far, and a book due out next quarter!- (in their words) South of the Mason-Dixon Line, lies a strange land of gods and monsters. Born from centuries of slavery, civil war, innocent bloodshed, hate and strife lurks a world parallel to our own. I love everything about this.
Re-evolution - Fantasy, Action - 47 screens - The charismatic leader of the anti Gorrilla resistance is Che-huahua... He wears the little hat and a red cape which may just be his blankie. It's sort of like Planet of the Apes, only with Animals instead of people... sort of. It's great!
Imaginary Boys - Fantasy adventure - 36 screens - Elise Dawn is a young girl on a fantastic journey through the other worlds of the afterlife with the help of her dog Robert. The art is stylish and the character design is pretty fantastic.
Celadore - Fantasy, Comedy, Monster hunters, etc. Absolutely terriffic stuff 60 screens down, and season 2 starts in March!!! Great time to catch up and jump in for the new season.
Dual - Horror - 44 screens, crazy awesome premise, great read.
Road - Science Fiction, Action Adventure - Great art, interesting sort of Warhammer 40k kind of religion and technology thing going on in an extremely cool looking world.
Azure - post apocalyptic underwater sci-fi- Just started it's regular update schedule, looks fantastic so far.
I Rule The Night - Super Hero Horror, 19 screens - Absolutely creepy, but not without a dark humor to it

And this isn't close to being all there is to read there... Be smart... check them out!

My Marvel Year

I am hoping to detail everything that I read from Marvel Digital Comics during the year that I am a subscriber. I also plan on giving any thoughts I have on the service, or issues I perceive with it, etc.

Fantastic Four #347, 348, 349 (Simonson, Adams, Tanaka) - This is a three issue run where the Hulk (in his 'Joe Fixit' phase), Wolverine, Ghost Rider & Spider-Man basically sub in for the FF after the team is incapacitated by a Skrull fugitive come to Earth to find a skrull artifact she sent there. The Skrull D'Lila disguises herself as Sue Richards and uses some mind control to get things rolling. A group of Skrulls hunting for D'Lila attempt to draw her out somehow by releasing giant monsters from Monster Isle and setting them loose on the world's population centers. MoleMan becomes involved as well, since the giant monsters are sort of his people as well. This is a terrific little run. It is a lot of fun. It's well written and well drawn. The plot works perfectly, and it still feels very much like a Fantastic Four comic, even though you have four different heroes stepping in to help. I was not reading FF when this came out in 1991, and it is nice to get a chance to read this.

Fantastic Four #245 (John Byrne w/a) This comic came out in 1982. As I was browsing I saw the cover and was compelled to read it again. I picked up FF a good bit during this time period, and I have always loved this story. As stories go, I am not sure how great it actually is in a critical sense, but for whatever reason it is a sentimental favorite of mine. This is the 'Childhood's End' Issue where Franklin's crazy awesome powers manifest and he turns into his older and fully bearded self and kicks some butt in his confusion until Sue realizes who he is, etc. I have this issue, but it is tucked away in a long box, so it was nice to read it again.

Wha... Huh? #1 - This is a 'What If' spoof that came out in 2005. It is written by a ton of people, and has art by Jim Mahfood and Steve Ditko(by way of reprinting). The writers include Bendis, Brubaker, Waid, Vaughn,Millar, and more. Unlike most of Marvel's past spoof attempts, this is an incredibly funny book. There are tons of gags in it, and the art is brilliant. I honestly don't know when it happened, but Jim Mahfood has become one of my absolute favorite artists. I am absolutely transfixed by his style. This comic works absolutely with his art. Some of the bits appearing in this volume: What if the Avengers all had beards?, What if the Ultimate Universe got Ultimized?, and the BRILLIANT What if Black Panther were actually white? It's just good stuff all around.

Agents of Atlas #1-6 (Jeff Parker/ Leonard Kirk) This is the 2006 Mini Series. I read all six issues of this yesterday. It is a perfect comic in my opinion. It introduces us to characters we may or may not have ever heard of, and it makes each of them profoundly interesting, while at the same time making them equally compelling and interesting as a team. I raved a bit about issue one of the ongoing series that just started, but I had no idea that the mini series I missed was going to be this good. Jimmy Woo, Ken Hale(Gorilla Man), Marvel Boy, Venus, Namora, M-11(the human robot), and Wakanda born Agent of Shield, Derek Khanata are the primary players in this, and all of them are full and intriguing characters. I Can't believe I didn't read this when it came out, and I feel my collection is lacking by not owning a trade of this. It is Action and Drama and Humor and Intrigue, all just perfectly done.

Marvel Digital Comics - Well, so far I am really enjoying this. I think the interface could be a little bit better, but it's not bad, and it's easy enough to use. Here are some problems I have found so far.
1. On the Smart Panels view mode there are sometimes portions of text that are not brought into focus. This mode allows you to move through the comic as though you are reading it. It enlarges parts of the page so that you can easily read it on screen without having to do any scrolling. I have found a couple of places so far where I have to switch to another mode in order to read the text.
2. There are comics listed that are not the entire comic, and as far as I can tell, there is nothing indicating that they have been abridged. I found this out when trying to find a story with Jimmy Woo in it from Strange Tales. When I went to the issue, it was only the 10 pages of Dr. Strange story that were available. The half of the book that was a Nick Fury story was not there. There needs to be some kind of notation of this somewhere that makes it clear you are not being given the entire issue.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Taking a plunge (in the digital end of the pool)

I would say taking THE plunge, but as plunges go I'm not really sure if this is THE one.

A few minutes ago I plunked my money down for a one year subscription to Marvel Digital Comics.

I have been reading a lot of the free samples in the past week or so, and trying my best not to subscribe. Keeping me from spending money I am determined to spend is really an impossible task. So for 60 bucks I get 1 year of unlimited access to the digital content that Marvel makes available online. I am skeptical, and previously I was thinking that I would probably never do this. I don't know what changed, but I started thinking of the service as being a cheaper way than even the various archive/showcase type volumes for me to get access to a bunch of good old comics and probably tons of mediocre ones, but all in color and served up in something pretty close to their original format. I mean, the walt Simonson Thor Visionaries was just rereleased at something pretty close to 30 dollars, so this seemed like a fairly economical way for me to get access to some things I missed the first time around, etc.

Almost none of the big name comics available are full runs, but I think I am ok with that. I am not sure what this will mean in terms of content here, but if I'm reading it, chances are good I will get around to talking about it.

So... Has anyone else made this leap?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Comic Book Day 2/18/2009

This was a good comic book day for me. I got 3 titles in by box and picked up an additional 3 from the wall, and really enjoyed all of them. Here they are in brief:

Amazing Spider-Man #567 - Spider-Man is arrested. Good thing he has a good lawyer. Matt Murdoch and a few of his friends show up to help him out. On the other side of things we have multiple conspiracies coming to bear, with no signs of slowing down. I know I have said this before, I really like where this series has gone. I love the crossover in it. I know that it seems like everyone else has spent nearly as much time in Spidey-tights as Peter has, but I love that. In the face of some heavy stuff, it's heartening and fun. Good guys like Spidey are going to have friends.

Tiny Titans #13 - DC should cancel all other titles with the word Titans in them (unless they are still making Teen Titans Go) and they should base their titans franchise around the Kids/All ages stuff. This title makes me laugh and is nothing but cuteness and fun. I love it, my kids enjoy it too. Not all comics need to be like that, but it's awesome when you find titles like that.

Dark Avengers #2 - I wasn't expecting this issue to end with an all out battle against Morgana Le Fay and her demonic forces, but there it is... right there at the end... and like any good party, it doesn't even START until Sentry has ripped somebody's head off... I love the idea here. I really adore the idea of saying... screw you guys, I'll make my own... you... and fielding a team of look alikes and giving them the names and costumes of the original players. I never read thunderbolts, but I am enjoying this so far.

Supergirl #38 - I have been meaning to pick this up recently. I wish I had picked up part 1 of the Who is Superwoman thing, but regardless, this was a good read and I enjoyed it well enough. I'm not sure I will keep getting this, but one issue isn't really enough to fairly judge it.

Spider-Man Noir #3- I am still liking this. I think this will benefit from re-reading when the whole thing is done (one more issue) It got interesting this issue in an unexpected way. It was probably the title that interested me the least of the stuff I got.

Green Lantern #36(2nd printing) - I know this isn't new, but I felt like picking it up since I haven't really looked at Green Lantern stuff since the Hal Jordan Rebirth thing. I have been reading and hearing about GL stuff as everyone has, so I thought it would be good to pick up an issue. I liked this a lot. I liked the blue lanterns, and I didn't feel completely lost or anything despite the fact that I probably am lost when it comes to GL stuff right now.

Dreamin Bout Comics

I have resisted posting this for a few day, but other than the fact that no-one is interested in other people's dreams, I see no reason not to.

Last week I had a full night of comic related dreams. I can't think of any particular catalyst other than the fact that I pretty much live on comic blogs these days, and I had been reading things about the New York Comic Con and generally wishing that I could have been there.

One of my dreams featured a sort of surreal comic convention. It was in a sprawling warehouse complex not at all unlike the sorts of places that often house antique and collectibles 'malls' or indoor flea markets. There were old pros and lots of vendors and stores represented. I don't recall a lot more than that, other than it had a strange folk festival vibe to it as well, and I was walking around with someone I have never seen before. In the dream I at least sort of knew him. It was an interesting dream. I am pretty sure I have had dreams set at that 'convention' before. I wish I could have more like that, and maybe dream-read some half-priced trades.

The other dream I had was set in an amalgam of places like my current house and the house I grew up in. This is also not uncommon for me in dreams. This one was notable because I dreamed I had a phone conversation with Valerie of the Occasional Superheroine blog. I am a fan of her blog, and in the past few months have had a lot of things I wouldn't have minded saying to her, so my dream self just gave her a call apparently.

It was a nice conversation. For her part, my dream version of her was a bit reserved and apprehensive I guess, but nothing but nice. I mostly just went on introducing myself, trying not to seem stalkerish, and talking about her blog.

I told her that I thought her blog was pretty great, and that while things had seemed a bit bumpy for a while, she had come back like gangbusters and was doing some of her best stuff. Good variety, entertaining, insightful, etc.

That was pretty much it. I figured I should document it here since it's sort of almost comic related.

Anyone else out there having comic dreams?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Johnny Caronte: Zombie Detective and The Revolver

Johnny Caronte: Zombie Detective and The Revolver - Jaime Roman Collado & Tony Sandoval - This is a slim volume that I think was marketed as a graphic novel for the very reasonable price of 6 dollars by Alias Enterprises in 2005. It is two stories related only by the artist and the underworld theme that runs through both. Johnny Caronte is a pulp noir detective story that takes place in a city populated exclusively by zombies, and The Revolver is a story set in a world of demons. Johnny Caronte is written by Jaime Roman Collado, with art by Tony Sandoval, while The Revolver is written and drawn by Tony Sandoval.

The art is really great throughout both stories. I think it is worth getting for the terrific art alone. The fact that both stories are better than average for done in one stories is like a bonus you get with the art. You get about 50 pages or so of comics, and a handfull of related art. I will say again that I think 6 dollars was a great price, and the three I paid for it at the used bookstore is a steal.

Johnny Caronte is a stright forward detective story, except for the setting and some of the details. Johnny is on the case of a new killer in town who has taken out the daughter of the mayor. It's 22 pages and it successfully introduces the characters and the world, the current situation, and then takes us through the case. It does a good job, it's funny, and the art kicks butt.

The Revolver centers on a thief who has stolen a powerful weapon from a demon lord and is using it to kill demons. The demons waste no time in getting their own killer on the thiefs case. It's a solid action piece, I liked it a lot, and if I haven't mentioned the art enough... I really liked it.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

American Virgin Volume 1: Head

American Virgin Volume 1: Head (Steven T. Seagle, Becky Cloonan) - I had resisted picking this title up for a long time. No good reasons for doing so, but I am glad I decided to pick it up now, at least. I have no great method for my impulse buying. I walk into the shop and pick up my pulls, I check the new releases and pick up things that intrigued me from previews or titles/covers that leap out at me, and then I kind of wander the store trying to think of anything I have really been obsessing over, or anything I get that jumping out at me vibe about again. Depending on the amount of cash I have in my pocket, or if I am on a shopping binge for some reason, maybe I grab something else... sometimes a lot of somethings, sometimes just One. Volume 1 of American Virgin just happened to be the thing today. The nice part is that it is economically priced at just 10 bucks! (That's another factor sometimes)

I realize that this first arc is just 4 issues long, but regardless, Ten bucks is still a nice price for a trade, and you get some gorgeous cover illustrations, three by Frank Quitely, and one by Joshua Middleton, as well as a nice bit of cute stuff at the back of the book. The 'extra stuff' is funny, but not earth shattering, but still fills out the book nicely.

The writing is pretty great so far. I don't begrudge people taking their swipes at religion, but this one, so far... isn't as completely one sided as some things, and it is too early for me to know exactly where things are going. The good thing is that no matter where it goes, it started with a character, Adam, who truly believes, and truly has faith. He is surrounded by a world that is going to come up short based on his expectations, but he stays true to his faith (not saying his view is right or wrong, just that he believes strongly, and sticks to it).

Adam is an industry. He is surrounded by some bad people, some normal people, and some good people who wear their flaws and weaknesses on the outside. He is a 21 year old virgin who has been made into a cash cow for his mother who is the matriarch of a big-evangelism(big-virginity at least) empire, and herself the stereotype of the harsh and greedy religion mogul. Adam's thing is virginity, and he has made it publicly clear that there is only one person in the world he will be having sex with, and it was ordained by God. In Adam's world, he truly believes what he espouses, and he truly believes that Cassie is the girl for him, and that she feels the same way about saving themselves for each other.

Adam's world is rocked for the first time when word comes that Cassie was killed by terrorists in Africa where she was serving in the Peace Corps.

That is where Adam's journey really begins. Will he stay true to himself? Will he keep his faith, even as more and more of the foundation of his world is smashed away? His first step is to go to Africa to retrieve the remains of his beloved. He does this with the help of his stepsister Cyndi and a mercenary named Mel. Both are great characters. I absolutely adore Cyndi. She is a contrast to Adam, but maybe not really so different than it first seems. I am anxious to see where this goes, and will be picking up additional volumes when I can.

Becky Cloonan did the art and Jim Rugg did inks on issues three and four. I really love her style. If I were the sort of person who can remember anything, I would be naming three or four other current artists and saying that there is almost a 'School' of this style. Her work is great, though, and the characters are expressive. There's a lot of female nudity in this, so if you are boob-phobic... you may want to get over that and read it anyway. It isn't for kids, but I doubt anyone will ever mistake it for a kids book in the first place.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Emiko Superstar

Emiko Superstar is written by Mariko Tamaki and illustrated by Steve Rolston. It is the latest of the Minx line that I have read, and while it is not my least favorite of the line, I probably won't be buying it (I borrowed it from the library). The art grew on me. I didn't care for it at first, but I got past that quickly, and ended up liking it more than I thought I would. Everyone has different tastes, so I am not suggesting the art is bad. I never thought it was bad, but some styles apeal more than others to me, and some grow on me over time, and some are just like brick walls in the way of my enjoying a comic (I feel this way about the art of one of the current big two rising superstar artists right now... but that is for another post).

The writing is ok, but I don't like the story. I'm not sure what I want from it, but it doesn't deliver in a way I think it should, and some of it borders on unlikable (without a hook that makes you feel that being unlikable is half the point.) I think the issue might not seem so pronounced to me if there weren't so many things going on in the book. What is this about? Is it about the geek coming into her own as an artist? Learning to feel comfortable in her own skin? Is it about the sense of breaking in to new and magical world? Is it about relationships and... betrayals? Is it about rebellion? Is it about how friendships change? Is it some anolog of Andy Warhol's heyday in the sixties? The answer is kind of and not really to all of those, and probably more.

I think all of this could have been accomplished. I think some of it was, but in way less detail than I would liked to have seen it. I guess I didn't find the characters to be sympathetic. I guess I found the view of art and performance and 'rebellion' that was presented in the 'Janes' books to be more compelling than the look at me punk aesthetic with beer that is central to the whole scene that is shown in this book.

Emiko is a geek and isn't satisfied with that. Emi sees one of those people who seems to exist outside of reality running through a mall tossing flyers around. That is what she wants to be. A look at me punk artist. She makes a goal out of performing at a 'punk art' club where half the performers use food in their acts and the others seem to be shocking or mysterious. To gain her entrance there, she develops an act based on a very personal diary she is sneaking into at the home of the people she is babysitting for. Her act seems to consist solely of her reading or speaking the entries as written. The nice young suburban mom with the droolly baby and the asshole husband is a secret lesbian!! and the edgy and deep act that Emiko has really is just her wearing a retro dress of her cool Grandmother, and reading this lady's private thoughts .

I just can't get into it. There are a lot of great potential points in this book that if given more attention would really flesh things out in a way that I think would strengthen it, we don't really get those, so it is like a slice of life, moment in time thing rather than a fully realized story in my opinion. I don't think it is awful. It may not even be bad at all, but I don't love it. I understand that I am a nearly 40 year old guy, and it could be argued that I am not the demographic a line of books marketed to teen girls is looking for... But I think this reads like something trying to appeal to that demographic, but missing the boat on a truth about marketing to people that want to read this format, which is... write good stories that don't pander.

Recently Read

Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade #3 - Still good. This is not my favorite title, but I think it still succeeds as a kids book. I'll keep getting it, as my 9 year old daughter digs it. The plot continues to thicken, and we have a nice mix of the super and the mundane, and none of it is easy for Supergirl.

The Amazing Spider-Man #585 - Maybe I haven't paid enough attention, or maybe this issue really has a surprise ending. On my first read through I thought I wasn't liking this current bit, but on further examination I don't think that's true. I enjoyed it a good bit. I like JrJr's art. I guess that wouldn't shock too many people, but I don't always love that style. It really works. Also this is one of those 'Spidey gets the crap kicked out of him' issues, but this one doesn't end with him reaching deep down and making it out ok. I am anxious to see the next issue.

Agents Of Atlas #1 - This was great, I picked it up because I was compelled to, but I hadn't expected to like it this much. Agents of Atlas are a team consisting of Jimmy Woo, Gorilla Man, M-11, Venus, Marvel Boy and Namora. I am really enjoying this Namora renaissance of late. The title is good and fun. There is potential for a lot going on. It is brought in under the Dark Reign brand, which made me want to turn my nose up, but if it stays this good, it has nothing to worry about from me. The main story is backed up with a Wolverine: Agent of atlas story involving brood of all sizes.

Astonishing Tales #1 - This is my impulse buy of the year(so far anyway). I hadn't planned on getting it, but I saw the title and the cool wrap around cover and decided I had to get it. It is packed with stories, all of them decent, and two of them pretty cool. Wolverine & Punisher, Iron Man 2020, Mojoworld, Iron Man. I really like the Iron Man 2020 story in which Arno Stark is Iron Man without all that ... restraint that Tony brought to the role. I am a bit cool on the regular iron man story. I wish the space was used for something else, but it isn't bad. I hate Mojo, but the Mojoworld story makes up for that with some distinctive art. I don't want to like it, but I can't ignore it. I hope this title stays good.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Scott Pilgrim #Shiny!

Scott Pilgrim VS The Universe - Bryan Lee O'Malley - This is volume 5 in the series, but you must already know that. I won't disown you if you haven't been reading this, but you are missing out. If you for whatever reason may have picked up a volume and not loved it as much as I did, this may be an issue to pick up anyway. #4 in my opinion is one of the all time best comics. At the very least, in terms of my enjoyment of comics. # 5 is perhaps not as non-stop fun and funny, but it has a LOT of depth and a lot of character development in it.

It's still funny. Scott stuffing his face, Scott being lovable and clueless, Scott explaining oldschool X-men plot to Ramona, Scott getting his butt kicked by a tiny robot, etc. Including some funny that isn't generated exclusively by Scott. It is a funny book, and I laughed a lot. That isn't all we get in this volume though. For the first time since I have been reading this I felt really sorry for anyone trying to date Scott or even care about him very much. We have always known exactly how he is. He is a very face value kind of guy. but in this one you start to feel a little bad for the people that love and care for him.

There are some big new twists in this one. We get a lot of Kim Pine, who I am crazy about. We get inexplicably shiny Ramona, and Gideon the final boss is introduced, but not seen in person. My biggest complaint about this is that we don't have the next volume sitting and waiting to be read right now. I'm not kidding about that, or being cute. I almost wish I head waited until the next one was out before reading this one, but there is no way I could have waited that long.

If for some reason you have not been able to get into Scott Pilgrim, you may wish to try this one. If you've never read any of them, go get the first one and give it a try. They are often shelved with manga. The rest of you are getting it anyway, or already have it, so you didn't really need a recommendation, did you?