Saturday, October 4, 2008

Popgun Bullets: Popgun Volume Two - Part Five, The final countdown

I have decided to do some stretches, crack my knuckles and just muscle my way through the last installment of my quest to have an opinion on every bit of Popgun volume 2. If you are just joining me, here are parts one , two, three and four.
  • 'Reverberation(Doubt)' - Jamie S. Rich & Joelle Jones. This piece creates a real sense of uncertainty and confusion. The art is good, and it is well written. It also feels complete, which is nice. It leaves things unresolved in a way, but the story, the focus of the piece has a complete feel to it. It's the sweetest little comic about VD testing in the whole anthology.
  • Deadeye: Live Fast, Die Young, Be A Good Looking Corpse - Leah Moore & John Reppion - I love the art in this one. Hover cars and cyborg-type replacement parts. The story is told beautifully through the art. There's not a great deal to it, but it's decent.
  • Friggit The Frog - Gary Fields - One Page gag, not bad, not mind blowing. The character reactions are cute.
  • Wolf and Bug - Nick Thornborrow - This reads like a creepy sort of Aesop's Fable, or maybe closer to an Uncle Remus, Bre'er Rabbit sort of story. The art is distinctive and cute, the story is funny and a little creepy as I said.
  • Wide Awake: Behind The Wall Of Sleep - Brandon Jerwin, Eric S. Trautmann & David Messina - I liked this. It is a bit heavy handed, or overwrought, or something to that effect, but the art is good, the piece is interresting, and pretty well done. I like the style and design of it as much as anything, and the premise is decent if not 100 percent new.
  • Jersey Gods: Rock God - Glen Brunswick & Dan McDaid - This does very little for me, but it isn't bad. It is a one page gag more or less.
  • Yonchi - Richard Meyer, Carlos Silva & Alan Robinson - I liked this. Good art, funny idea, and well executed. In places it's pretty brilliant.
  • Sleepless - Alexei Conman & Ronald Salas - This is a single page piece and it isn't a gag or a strip. It is actually pretty well done. It's sort of like a poem, or a piece from a movie.
  • 42nd and Lex - Dan Goldman - I don't get this, but that could just be me. I don't love the style, and it doesn't speak to me on any level really.
  • Bacon Mummy vs Gorilla Mayor - Erik Larsen - It's a picture of the forementioned characters... It works on exactly that level.
  • Never Again:Until Next Time - Michel Fiffe - The art is decent. This doesn't speak to me. Not really sure I get it, but again, that may be a shortcoming of mine.
  • Don't miss the awesome picture on page 467 by Joe Flood, that features a Frankenstein Monster on Tambourine. It's awesome, and I met him today at SPX and bought a mini comic with that picture as it's cover, and that expands upon the 'bird on a wire' piece that I spoke of earlier in this anthology.
And there you have it. Good stuff, all in all, but a bit of a chore to comment on every bit of it. I am glad I did though, and will probably keep this as a thing I do.

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