Monday, September 8, 2008

Popgun Bullets: Popgun Volume Two - Part Two, The Second Hundred Pages.

I will pick up here from what I started in this post. I am just going with bullet points, but I am covering Popgun cover to cover. We reume our effort here with Loner on page 101.

  • I am just shy of liking Loner by Tim Daniel and Ming Doyle. This is another sort of anthology thing that isn't really a story. It's another thing that feels like a snippet, a vignette I guess. I like the setup, but there could be more, couldn't there?
  • I like Promontory by Matty Field and Chuck Knigge. The art is good, there's a story there. It's introduced and wrapped up nicely and you have a feeling for what went on and a sense of completion as far as the story is concerned.
  • I love Brandon Graham's art and writing. Sputz is cute and funny.
  • I didn't care for Grant Alter and Ronald Salas's 'The Wager'. I think they could have done better. It was a bit lazy and tired in my opinion.
  • I like the fake ad for the 'institute of the dying arts' It's not brilliant but there is certainly some funny in there
  • I kind of love 'Scummy' by Marley Zarcone. I love the art, and the story and dialog are great. It isn't exactly anything new, but there is a nice combination of good stuff that makes it better than average. I would love to see more work by her.
  • I love Hexbreakers, Inc. (Freelance) by the Atomic Robo team of Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener. It is perfect in every way to me, including the fact that it seems like an ad for continuing stories . I would buy it as a series, but according to Scott Wegener's blog, it may only ever be short stories, which would still be cool.
  • I thought The New Job was funny. Not the biggest fan of the art, but that is just personal preference. Bigfoots love s'mores... FACT.
  • Amo Jamon by Gabriel Bautista is awesome. It's an animal comic. The art is great, the dialog and story are really good.
  • Boffo Yocks Lotta Malarkey - Erik Larsen There are several funny pages bits by Larsen throughout the book. They are pretty funny for what they are.
  • Survival of the festive is pretty hilarious. Never heard of Sheldon Vella, but this was funny and the art was good and apropriate for the story.
  • Val Nunez's Dr. Bears PHDs is a cute one pager.
  • I liked 'Nixon's the One' It's a short fictionalized account of a late night trip around town that Nixon made in May of 1970. It's the second appearance of Nixon in this volume.
  • Stopping here at the end of the second hundred pages of Popgun v2

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