Monday, October 13, 2008

A fistfull of SPX part 2 Mini Comic reviews

Part one of this series is here .

These aren't really all mini comics, but they are all small press offerings, and the majority of what I picked up would be considered minis.

Warrior Twenty-Seven - On The Fly Publications: This is an anthology/zine. I purchased the 05/06 and 08 issues. Each issue contains comics (mostly short pieces of just a few pages), an interview, some short fiction, etc. It is a nice mix. I am personally not crazy about it, but it shows effort and vision. Some of the stories are better than others. The art ranges from fairly poor to really good. There is no single functioning web site for this or I would post it. The 05 issue has a really beautiful cover and they gave me a nice poster of it. These are comic sized books and reasonably priced for what they are. The earliest issue was done throughComiXpress, and the others through Ka-Blam.

Toupydoops - Kevin McShane - Lobrau Productions: I saw this at the show and was a bit skeptical. I'm not sure why, but let me tell you, Being given a free issue helps take the skepticism away. I did not actually purchase anything from them at the show, but I did bring the comic home and I read it, and I was happily surprised by how good it was. The art is clean and professional, the writing is extremely funny. I am now seriously interested in buying the 15 dollar trade that collects the first five issues of the comic, so I think it was a successful marketing tactic. The website up there has a sizable free preview as well, so I recommend you go and see if it's to your liking. I think this is an example of how to do things right. If you let people see your product and give them enough to get invested in it, I think it goes a long way toward getting their business. I hope the tactic works for them.

Herman Shepherd In Gitmo Goofs - High Treason Comix: This is a small pink six page comic stapled with a sort of two page manifesto at the end of it about Bill Hicks and counter-culture and sounding like what people who have never held a job think revolutionaries sound like. Maybe it's an Andy Kaufman style high concept gag. Maybe it isn't. I put the link to the referenced web site up there, but there isn't really any content. The comic itself isn't bad. It isn't my thing, it's a bit heavy handed, but not bad as far as satire goes.

Microbes! A Life Cycle - Leah Riley and Will Woods: This is a cute as heck 8 page mini with a blue card stock cover that features microbes on it that look sort of like pac-man with teeth. It's fun and cute and deals with what microbes' role in nature is... sort of. If I recall, this was another table with folks who couldn't have been nicer. Also from the same folks, I got(see next review)

10 Things To Do With A Fake Mustache - Leah Riley and Will Woods . : This is exactly what it claims to be, and has the gimmick of actually having a fake mustache on the cover. It's very cute, and there were several styles available at the time.

Knee Deep Showcase Volume 1 - David Brennan & Joe Flood: I met Joe Flood and chatted with him briefly. I had to ask him where I saw the story in this comic before. When he said Popgun Volume 2 it made sense to me. This mini contains an extended version of the story Bird On A Wire that was in Popgun. I think he said that originally it was going to be in multiple pieces in the anthology, but ended up not being. What a great guy. He was just the nicest, and his art is amazing. I love this volume, and if you go to his site and find the picture of frankenstein's monster and the girl with a guitar, you will see the cover of this comic. It is an amazing picture on it's own. The story and the characters are just great, and the art is spectacular, the color is just brilliant as well. I hope to buy more of his work sometime.

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