Thursday, October 23, 2008

Comic Book Day

Echo #7 - Terry Moore -  I am really enjoying this comic, but it's 3.50 for 18 pages of black and white comic. So far the story isn't quite moving enough for me to not think about how short each issue seems for being 50 cents more per issue than the majority of 22 page stories I buy each month. I read the first trade, and I guess this is only my second issue getting the floppies, but it really doesn't seem to have moved much in two issues. I am happy with what was there, and I am not sure what I am expecting, but that is a sense I am left with. If it takes charging 3.50 for a relatively short book in order to be able to put out a good creater owned comic from a creator owned publishing effort, then I'm for it. I have to imagine the economics of it are different than they are for a publisher like DC or Marvel to crank something out. My real uncertainty comes from the question of do I get the floppies of something like this, or just wait for the trade. 

Tiny Titans #9 - Baltazar & Franco - It's a monkey issue! and... It is a monkey issue that unlike many monkey related things lately, it really makes sense. Beppo The Super-Monkey gets Zatara's wand and turns the tiny titans into Monkeys (or Chimpanzees, rather). Not only that, but we meet ... The Atom's family!!! It's all fun and funny and you can read it and still feel clean afterward.

Amazing Spider-Man #574 - This is a sort of contrived seeming one-off about Flash Thompson who was injurred while being heroic in combat, and is being considered for a military honor. Regardless of what I said a sentence or two ago, I thought this was a well done story. It also worked really well with the character of Flash. We know how he felt about Spider-Man, and how he was inspired by him, and here we get to see how that inspiration might further manifest itself in dark times, allowing him to not only make it out alive, but to do it with great heroism and selflessness. It's good stuff, and the story about the soldier at the end of the book is nice.

Runaways #3 - Moore and Ramos - I am liking this title with Moore's writing. I am also a big fan of Ramos and think that it is particularly suited for this title.

Daredevil #112 - Brubaker, Lark & Guadiano - I am always late to the party. I really should have been reading Brubaker long before now, and have a lot of back reading i have to do.  I haven't read Daredevil in a long time. Daredevil was always a title in the old days like Batman, where I knew if I picked up an issue I was going to like it. That stopped being the case for me... I can't even recall when, but I am happy to be reading it and enjoying it again.

Cyblade #1 - I'm really surprised I picked this up. I promise you that it wasn't because of the shower scene cover. The art isn't great, but after reading the issue, I am almost intrigued enough to buy another issue. I never read CyberForce, but the setup in this is a pretty decent one.  It has secret agent, mind control, conspiracy action in it


dan said...

Yep, thumbs up for the recent Daredevils. Every title goes through a lull-look at the Fantastic Four after Stan seemed to fall asleep at the wheel.
Nice Blog!

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