Sunday, October 5, 2008

Prince of Libraries

My latest trip to the library was every bit as fruitful as the one prior to that. I really do believe that anyone who enjoys comics on any level should get out to their local library and see what they have. Support their efforts by borrowing the books they are so generously making available. 

There are two good library branches within 15 minutes of my house, as well as a mini library and a much smaller branch that seems to get a pretty incredible mix of newer titles than the others (This could be a post about finding cd's at the library, as I used to go to three branches in one trip just to browse music, but it applies to comics as well.

There is a well written love letter to libraries as a comic book resource at I Love Rob Liefeld  

I encourage everyone who blogs about comics to read that and make a similar post about the variety of comic related materials available at their own local libraries (mine should be in the next week or so) It might also be a good thing to revisit next year when National Library Week rolls around again.

Speaking of blogs that have done things better than I do.  Every Day Is Like Wednesday has a wonderfully thorough review of the Prince of Persia graphic novel  . Within a few days of having read that review, I went to the library and found that graphic novel already on the shelf and waiting for me.

I will not attempt to cover the ground that is so completely covered in the linked review, but I will say that I loved it. The art is amazing and the story is gripping and enjoyable, and very evocative of the tradition of Arabian Nights. I highly recommend that everyone see if they can read it for free from their public library. If you do that, you may very well want to buy it for yourself as I now plan to.


Sandy said...

Hey! Thanks for the nice compliment. And I'm glad that you liked Prince of Persia; it's always fun to hear about something from other comic blogs, check it out, and find out you like it.

Shannon Smith said...

A week or so ago I took my youngest daughter to the library. I'm ashamed to say I forget how awesome the library is. That day I picked up a Little Lulu collection and Kyle Baker's Plastic Man book. I could have gotten a lot more great stuff but I knew I would not have time to read it all. I can't wait to go back. And best of all, they did not charge me anything! Wow!