Saturday, October 18, 2008

Comic Book Day (10/15/2008)

I made up for the rash of lame weeks by picking up a few extra things this week.

The Loners: The Secret Lives of Super Heroes -  I like the set-up, which is a sort of 12 step program for people trying to get over being super heroes. It certainly would be like an addiction I imagine, which is not exactly a new theme in comics these days, but it's done pretty well here.

I bought Zombies Calling by Faith Erin Hicks, but I reviewed that in my previous post, so I won't rehash it here. It's good though... So go buy it.

Scalped v3 tpb - This series continues to be pure gold for me. It is gritty and really reads like the best sort of crime/action movie. The art is great and goes well with the grittiness of the plot and the writing. There is humanity in it as well as sort of social politics in a way, and plenty of actual action and surprises that move the story along at a quick pace. The story is about Dashiel BadHorse who returns to the reservation after time in the army and in jail to act as a cop on the reservation while also being an agent for the FBI. It's a great read. 

Atomic Robo, Dogs of War #3 - Excellent series, great art, great writing, fun... who could ask for anything more?

Justice Society of America #19 - I am still reading this because it serves as a sequel to Kingdom Come. It sure is taking a long time, but that doesn't really bother me. I am enjoying it. It has the feel of a mega event, but it only really takes place in one comic so it doesn't annoy me. It's an interesting idea, and as long as it doesn't totally stall, I will stick with it for a while longer.

Astonishing X-Men #27- Like all X-Men titles eventually do... This is sort of disappointing me. It just reads like any other X-Men title now. I like Ellis just fine, but it doesn't have any of the spark that Whedon's run had. I also am not loving the overly dark Bianchi art in this. It's great art, but it isn't doing it for me. I may soon drop this title. It isn't that it sucks... it just isn't what I want.

Amazing Spider-Man #573 - In Case you were wondering... I am still loving this title. The New Ways to Die arc finishes here, and we may not have made a TON of forward progress, but a bunch of cool stuff happened in it, regardless. I also am happy that I am enjoying a Spider-Man title again. One More Day was stupid and unnecessary, but at least they are putting out a good comic now... which they could have done without the stupid reset.

Mercy Sparks #1 - This is written by Josh Blaylock, who wrote Penguin Bros (which was for a younger crowd sort of, but was pretty great). This series is about Mercy, who is like a demon or a devil or something... who is basically contracted by heaven to go out and round up Angels that have gone rogue. So far it looks good. Apparently Angels like clubs and raves and things A LOT. The art is ok, but not mind blowing. It works and doesn't get in the way or anything. I may not buy another issue... but who knows. I picked this up because I had been intrigued by it in previews.

NYX - No Way Home #3 - I keep picking this up, even though... It doesn't do a lot for me. I really may just be buying it because the covers are pretty beautiful, and the interior art appeals to me. The story isn't bad or anything, it is just secondary to those other things, and may be a little slow? I'm not sure. I think I will keep getting this and reread the whole thing again when it's complete.

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