Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Popgun Bullets: Popgun Volume Two - Part Three, The Third Hundred Pages

Here we are at the third batch of micro reviews of the contents of Popgun v2. If you haven't already read them, here are parts one and two. It feels like I've had my hands in this thing's guts forever and am only just now passing the halfway point. As you'll see, I like an awful lot of it, but trying to take this thing all at once would make anyone walk funny for a while(so to speak).

We resume our reviews with Sucky Sucky on Page 207 by Jonathan David Hanh and Vu Hill.

  • Sucky sucky was great. Vampire babies!
  • Out of focus is another great piece. It is a terrific little surprise ending affair and is well done with a distinctive art style. Good Job Connor Willumsen
  • Billy Dogma in Sex Planet by Dean Haspiel is ok. The art is cool, it seems pretty funny to me, but it loses me a little somewhere.
  • Leaf and Augustus by Ulises Farinas is great. I really like the art. I like the near wordless storytelling method. For something that starts out looking like it might go good with Owly, it gets a little dark and bloody, but it's a nicely done piece.
  • I really like Paul Maybury's Prey On You. Again, it's the art that does it for me. I really like the art on this. The story is cute, but the art and cleverness carry it.
  • Mr. Universe is sort of like an extended Calvin and Hobbes bit. It's ok, but I don't love it. That is not to say that isn't well done.
  • Another Boffo Yocko one pager. Bacon Mummy!
  • 2 copper pieces isn't really my thing. It's a bit overly slick for me, but the writing is ok. It's pretty funny, and would make a terrific piece in the back of Dragon Magazine or some such.
  • Bird on a Wire by David Brennan and Joe Flood is decent. I like the art and the characters and the action, but it doesn't feel like enough to me. I would read more with these folks in it, but I would like more to it.
  • Bloom by Paul Conrad was pretty decent. I like the art and the character. There's a cute little twist at the end, but this is again, more of snapshot than a real story in my opinion.
  • Little Known Fact is an extremely cute 2 page piece by Benito Cereno and Paul Mabury. It's cute, did I mention cute?
  • I didn't want to like Bastard Road, but it has grown on me. It's funny stuff with a very distinctive style.
  • King And No King just left me shrugging. There's nothing awful about it I guess, but there's not much to it . It's 4 pages and is mostly about climbing stairs then falling to your death, and it's dedicated to Mike Wieringo. The art is Ryan Ottley, so it's pretty great art. It looks good, but I just don't think it does much.
That puts us at page 302. I promise there will only be another one or two of these to go. If you bought Popgun v2, or have an opinion about any of the stories or any of my little comments, let me know! Change my mind on something, I love different perspectives!

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