Thursday, October 2, 2008

Good As Lily

I went to the library today and returned the giant pile of books I had out, and left with a new giant pile of books. I picked up some really good stuff, including this book.

Good As Lily is another Minx title. It's written by Derek Kim with art by Jesse Hamm. At first I was a little put off by the art. That was my first reaction, and I am not sure exactly what about it was off-putting to me, but the feeling didn't last very long. I can't say it is my favorite style, but especially when it comes to certain characters in the story, it's perfect. I went to Jesse Hamm's web site to see if i could find other examples of his art, and his site shows a variety of pieces in a variety of styles, and all very well done.  This helps, as I believe it was a conscious style choice to draw it the way it was. The bottom line here is that although at first I wasn't sure i would like it based on the art, once I started reading it grew on me immediately and worked well.

The story is a little bit reminiscent of the Disney movie 'The Kid' where Bruce Willis finds himself taking care of himself as a little boy.  Grace, the main character, is a Korean-American girl who lost her older sister Lily when she was 8 and Grace was 6.  On Grace's 18th birthday she ends up running into three other versions of herself from different points in her life.  She finds herself housing herself as a younger child, as a twenty-nine year old, and as a very old lady. Each of them needs somethng resolved, and each of them stays with her until they are able to see resolution of their specfic issues.

This all plays out in what I assume is her senior year of High-School where she is surrounded by a cast of characters and a school play that may not get to happen unless drastic action is taken. This is a well done story. It made me cry... Don't you dare judge me! I had something in my eye, I swear... Ok, It made me cry fair and square, but I am a sort of sap and easy to tear up.  I recommend this title, and will probably buy a copy of it (and PLAIN Janes) next time I have cash in my pocket.

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