Sunday, April 5, 2009

Comics my girls like

I was recently asked about what my girls like to read, so here is a list of some things they enjoy/have enjoyed. My girls are aged nine and fifteen at the moment:

Perhapanauts (15)
Proof (on my iphone) (15)
Oz: The Manga (on my iphone)
Supergirl: Cosmic adventures in the eighth grade (9)
Tiny Titans
Sonic the hedgehog (various series) (9)
Various DC titles (Krypto, Justice League Teen Titans Go, etc.) (9)
Courtney Crumrin
Polly and the pirates
Arana (15)
Emma Frost (15)
Spider-Man loves Mary Jane (15)
Sardine in outer space (9)
Scott Pilgrim (15)
Celadore (Zuda) (15)

MegaMan (15)
Inu Yasha (9)
Pokemon (9)
Death Note
Black Cat
Happy Hustle High
Naruto (9)
Full Moon(15)
Planet Ladder(15)
Shaman King(15)
Tokyo Mew Mew (9)
Vampire Doll(15)
Chibi Vampire(15)
Fruits Basket(15)
Miki Falls (15)
R.O.D. (Read or Dream)

My oldest reads a lot of mango online as well (tons of it), but those are a portion of the series she has in hard copy. There are probably a LOT of other comics they have read and enjoyed, but those were the ones we could recall on the spot

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