Thursday, April 23, 2009

Comic Book Day (04/22/2009)

Just a couple things this week, and one used book store purchase on Monday.

Amazing Spider-Man #592 - I have canceled this title. I like it, but I had to make way for some other things I am more excited about at the moment. I enjoyed the run of it I read though. I thought some bits of this title since One More Day were pretty perfect, and others were average. I am sure I will still pick up Spider-Man from time to time. Hopefully when I do there will be even more Aunt May sex... because... presumably... you... or I... asked for it?

Detective Comics #853 - Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader 2 of 2 - I really liked this. The cool thing about DC more so than Marvel is that there is a real mythology feel to their main stable of iconic characters. That really is true in my opinion. The nice thing about this comic is that it captures who and what Batman is. It's sort of like... Batman with a thousand faces... He exists in every mind in a slightly different form, not just willing to make the ultimate sacrifice, but MAKING the ultimate sacrifice over and over again, in a constant cycle of death and rebirth.

Incredible Hercules #128 - Seriously... How many times can you read me going on and on about how much I love this title. Pak & Van Lente certainly know how to write comics that I will love and go crazy for. In this issue, whatever else happened, I took away this... Hercules throws Sentry around like a rag doll, AND PUNCHES HIM WITH VENOM. Venom is eating Herc's hand and Herc punches Sentry with him. It makes me happy. I honestly believe that every comic should have a scene like that. Tiny Titans, Blankets, Uncle Scrooge... all of them.

Kick-Ass #6 - Of all the comics I have read this year featuring covers of little girls covered in blood, this is probably my favorite. This comic is exactly what it looks like. It pretends to be nothing else, and advertises itself for what it is. I am liking this a good bit. The developments in this issue have worked to get me more interested than I was, and it ends on a good cliff-hanger. This comic isn't for everyone, and doesn't really need to be.

The DC Comics Guide to COLORING and LETTERING Comics - Had this not been 10 bucks at my local used bookstore, I probably wouldn't have picked it up. It is written by Mark Chiarello and Todd Klein. It isn't a super heavy volume or anything, but I have a bunch of books on writing, and a numberer on drawing for comics, so I thought this would help give me at least a bit of insight into aspects I have only recently really started appreciating in comics. If nothing else, it at least works on that level. After reading a good bit of it I at least grasp some of the concepts involved. That makes it worth having in my opinion.

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