Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Comic Book Day (04/01/2009)

Comic book day

You know what didn't just come out today... Phonogram: Rue Britannia - I bought it, because I have been wanting to read it, and because it leapt out at me when I was flipping through the trade bin at my LCS. I am weak, and I am sure I will write something about this book at some later date.

Previews - I love Previews. I wish it was given to me for free, but I still love it.
Wizard - I don't love it, but I have difficulty not buying it, because it is what is available to me.

Astonishing Tales # 3 - I like this, but I am pretty sure I can stop picking it up now. I have said in the past that I am just crazy about the covers, and about Kenneth Rocafort's art on Wolverine and Punisher inside the book as well. This issue has the Spider-Woman story that I read online recently, and it's pretty great, but I think I will read what I can online and use the money to get something else I am more excited about.

Dr. Doom and the Masters of Evil - I quote - "He's a complicated man, and nobody understands him but his snake woman..." This series is still great. It's funny, but not JUST funny. It's good comics. This issue features Blastaar! I love Blastaar.

Amazing Spider-Man #590 - This issue seems sort of convoluted to me. It isn't bad, it's just sort of contrived. HOWEVER... I kind of like what it builds up to. Effectively it throws out a loophole in the whole One more day... Brand new day... reset thing. On a completely embarrassing note for me... The Fantastic Four are in this issue, and I love Sue's hair up like that... Yeah.. I said it... Invisible Woman has perhaps her cutest hairstyle ever in this issue.

Destroyer #1 - This is a Marvel Max mini series. It is certainly violent and bloody enough to merit its explicit content warning. It's also a pretty compelling comic so far. The art is great, and so is the writing. Kirkman and Walker know how to make comics I think. I have a feeling these kids may go places some day. I am an absolute sucker for the hero at the end of his lifecycle type story. Our badass main character has a loving wife of many years. There is obviously a lot between them. The relationship is sweet and compelling (see how much I like that word). I am looking forward to the next issue.

Agents of Atlas #3 - No less awesome in its third issue than in its first, and that's pretty awesome. I really like the 'humanity' we see in the characters. I also think it continues to carry the 'then and now' story lines really well. both the past and present are good interesting reads.
Having different artists on the two different aspects really works well.

Billy Batson And The Magic Of Shazam #4 - Great art, Great all ages kid friendly writing, and more content crammed into a single comic than all the other comics i read this week, I swear. That may be a slight exaggeration, but not by much. Mike Kunkel seems to be all about filling each page past capacity. It looks like something a kid would do, or like it is written the way a child might think. The characters are stylish and fun, and they are dynamic as all get out. He has a way of showing movement that is just perfect. It isn't a fast read, but I think that's a good thing. It's 2.50, and there's no way you can suggest you aren't getting your money's worth.

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