Friday, April 17, 2009

Comic Book Day (4/15/2009)

Tiny Titans (#15) continues to make me happier than all other comics combined! - Zatara makes lots of bunnies, Marvel Bunny makes an appearance, Rose babysits the Tiny Terror Titans. Alfred sits in on a Pet Club meeting. Tiny Titans Supergirl is my favorite supergirl ever. There is nothing wrong with sweet and cute and nice.

Incognito #3 - This is another series that makes me happy. It isn't sweet or cute or nice. It has the feel of being populated by real people, which is a pretty standard thing for Brubaker, which is part of why he is as awesome as he is. Sean Phillips is just Perfect at providing exactly the right pictures for the words. When a contract killer comes looking for me I want them to have an ethereal smile like Ava Destruction does. I am liking this a lot, and it has a good balance of action and character development. Val Staples does the colors on this, and they really just make the art. I say this a lot, but when did I start noticing what really good color does for a piece?

Amazing Spider-Man #591 - This really was a neat little end to the two issue dimension hopping story with the FF ( assume that ends that bit?). It provided a sort of direct examination of some loopholes to the bizarre pact made in the whole Spider-Man reset button thing. It's done pretty well, although a bit of it feels like Slott is trying to get out from under some of the nonsense, but maybe I am wrong. I enjoyed it. I'm not sure how much I want to keep getting this series, but it really isn't bad stuff.

Vigilante #1(I realize this isn't brand new) - I picked this up out of nostalgia. I have a run of the original that I picked up as it was coming out, and I remember liking it ok. I figured with Marv Wolfman writing, I should pick it up. I liked this issue. I may pick up more. It has crime and plots and a cool character with good vigilante action, as well as name dropping a lot of standard DC characters to give it a real place in the grand scheme of things. I mean a place and time more than relevance, but I still enjoyed it.

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Marty Nozz said...

Completely agree on TINY TITANS. Right now it's one of the best books DC is putting out. Art Baltazar and Franco are having a ball doing it and that really shows on every page.

And I loved the appearance of Hoppy the Marvel Bunny. Didn't see that one comin'.