Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Comic Book Day (04/08/2009)

Just 4 things for me this week, and only one of them is an impulse buy. I resisted the urge to pick up a couple of number ones I was interested in, but knew I didn't really need to get as I wouldn't want to follow them. That's what we call willpower... don't worry, it can't last.

Ultimate Wolverine VS Hulk #4 - Enjoying this a lot, despite some really dumb stuff in this issue. It's a great issue, just... a few dumb things. I think I have said this before, but I really like Leinil Yu's art on this. I think it works perfectly. Good stuff, we get more She Hulk, and more backstory for her with a little 'Ultimate' twist on it. Most of the little dumb stuff is purposefully so, and adds some humor to things. I don't think I will spoil this, but if you read it, you will exclaim something along the lines of 'oh that's stupid' when you get to the part I am referring to.

Green Lantern #39 - I continue to pick this up when I see it. I didn't think it was something I would even consider reading, Yep, I say that every time too. This is a big story, but right now it is appealing to me. Big sweeping Lanterns out in space, lots of interesting developments and cool art... It is catching me at just the right time.

Echo #11 - I am loving this, and still debating with myself that trades might be the best way for me to go. Some very cool advances were made in this issue, and it ends on a good cliffhanger. I like that we see more of Annie in this issue, and see that she is still at least somewhat 'alive' through her psychic imprint on Julie's shiny bikini.

Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures In The Eight Grade #5 - I am running out of ways to communicate the two primary emotions that this series is bringing out in me. Those are of course Joy... Honestly, better every issue, great characters, fun twists, funny as can be, and Streaky is back!! I love the character design more and more with each issue. Lena Luthor in battle armor is a joy to behold. The other emotion is sadness. Six issues? They are just trying to hurt us... toy with our emotions. Hopefully we follow her into the ninth grade, or any other series with the same creative team. I know this feature on this blog is just me repeating the same superlatives about the same comics, but this really is the one that my youngest looks forward to reading the most of all the kids/all ages books we get. Six issues isn't enough.

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