Friday, December 12, 2008

Popgun Bullets: Popgun Volume One, part four - The next 50 pages

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  • p151 Solomon Finch -vs- 100 Vampire Bikini Girls - Julio Figueroa, Chamakoso -This is a cute story with great manga style art. It's 10 pages about two police detectives who bust a crime ring based out of the trendy and popular restaurant 'Bikini Vampires. It isn't deep, but I would certainly read more of this sort of thing.
  • It's Mexican Wrestler Funnies - Andy Kuhn - Man, When did Mexican wrestlers elevate to the level of Pirates, Ninjas, Monkeys, Bears, etc.? I am not knocking it, but I swear nearly all things hip or alt, etc. probably have at least one masked wrestler in them. I have no issue with it, just sayin... This is by Andy Kuhn, so the art is great, and it is an extremely funny take on taunting and trash talking.
  • The Death Of The Midnight Sky - Rick Remender, Josh Hoye - I appreciate the style of the art in this, and recognize it as well done, even though it isn't my thing exactly. I like the story well enough. It's really just a short narrative, but it's done in a neat way, and certainly uses the medium well.
  • p172 Aqua Leung: Ambush - Mark Andrew Smith, Paul Maybury - I really liked Aqua Leung a lot. The writing was good, but the art was fantastic. What we have here is a piece where the art is really the star.
  • p179 Blood Inside - Nick Stakal, Chuck BB - I like the art here, especially the cool looking kind of viking guy in the beginning, but I have no idea what I am looking at really. I guess it is two glimpses of last moments with blood loss, I don't really take anything away from this.
  • p183 Express Elevator To Hell Tour - James Stokoe - Nothing really happens in this. We get told what's going to happen, but mostly it is a cool looking tentacled guitar ? playing guy in a hat who is leaving hell. The art is trippy, but there is no substance here.
  • p191 Love Will Tear Us Apart - Tim Seeley, Jeremy Dale - This is a sweet little piece about a guy who falls in love with a girl who is too free to be tied down to another person, only to kill himself when she leaves him and comes back as a zombie after a zombie outbreak. The art is decent, the idea is ok.
  • p197 Space Mutha Fucka - J.Latour - This is short, the art is good, the idea is funny. It's not exactly my thing, but it is funny. It takes the gun as penis thing to a logical conclusion.

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