Thursday, December 18, 2008

Comic Book Day 12/17/2008

Not as much going on for me this week, but still a good week

Amazing Spider-Man #581 (Dan Slott, Mike McKone)- Way to not be dead, Harry... Poor Harry, you would think there would be someone happy he isn't really dead. This issue begins a story arc called 'Mind on Fire'. It starts with Spidey getting set up to look like the tracer killer, and ends with the Molten Man wreaking havoc in a suburban home. The art is decent, it's a good read.

Spider-Man Noir #1 (Hine & Sapolsky, art by Giandomenico) - I have a good bit of hope for this mini. Like X-Men Noir, I think this one gets off to a good start. The art is awesome, and the writing is good. I like the set up. It may not be 4 dollars awesome, but it's pretty good. It lives up to the noir label, and spins the story in some interesting ways. Regular Spider-Man's uncle was killed by a regular old robber... the Noir Spider-Man's uncle was EATEN BY A CRAZY GUY. The Enforcers, the Vulture, Black Cat, Norman 'the goblin' Osborn are all present here.

Tiny Titans #11 (Baltazar, Franco) - Terra Trouble. Poor Beast Boy, He's crazy in love with Terra, but she returns rocks instead of affection. There are a number of other cute bits in this one, including a good one about changing names featuring Robin and the male Starfire(Red Star). Cute and fun as usual.

Terra #4 (Palmiotti,Gray,Conner) - This series seemed to come out really fast. It was nice to get the new installments so quickly. Sadly, I am not convinced I want to read something called Terror Titans, but I guess I will look, since that is where Terra is available with the end of this mini. I really liked this . I LOVE how Terra and Power Girl are portrayed. Power Girl comes off as fun and friendly and nice. Terra has the fish out of water awkwardness that is the stuff of sitcoms. The end of this book is great. It is a female super-hero buddy comedy. I think that should be an ongoing series.

Beanworld Holiday Special (Larry Marder) - I picked this up this week as well. It's cute and quirky and has a cool style about it. peculiar is the word on the cover, and it is fitting. This is the first Beanworld i have read, and I consider that a shortcoming of mine

The Annotated Wondermark (David Malki) - This isn't a new book. I met Malki at Heroes Con this year (by that I mean I stood in front of his table). I had never read or heard of his work prior to that. I picked this $10 trade collection of strips yesterday, and I love it. I will go back soon to pick up the hardback Beards of Our Forefathers. The strips are done using public domain images with a decidedly 19th to very early 20th century feel about them, and the humor ranges from childish to disturbing, to sublime. There is also a great deal of humor in the presentation of the material. The front and back cover are funny, the front pages about how to read the book scream Monty Python to me for some reason I can't really explain. It's good funny stuff.

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John said...

Trust your instincts regarding Terror Titans. It's been a disappointment thus far, though the final page of the latest issue is the (re?)introduction of Static into the DC universe. Thus far, Terra is just another brainwashed gladiator in the Dark Side Club. Hopefully they'll either put her on a new team (JSA/Teen Titans) or have her be Karen's sidekick in the upcoming Power Girl series.

For the record, I'm fairly sure DC has been attempting a bi-weekly schedule for the Terra mini-series(though delays do happen.)