Saturday, March 7, 2009

Zuda's competition for March

I just recently finished reading all of the entries in this month's Zuda Competition. There's some really good stuff as usual. Not all of the entries are to my tastes, but there is a very nice variety of styles and genres represented here, though, and that certainly makes it worth checking out.

The two entries that I personally liked the most this month are:

Lani, The Leopard Queen

The Dirty Mile

Neither of these are very high up in the voting, but both stand out to me. The style used for The Dirty Mile is just cool as can be, and it is written really well. The premise as it seems from the 8 pages is similar to a number of things we've seen before, but the execution seems good enough that I don't imagine it will be an issue.

Lani, The Leopard queen is one that unfortunately the 8 pages on their own may not convey enough to fully hook people to what looks like a fantastic synopsis if they don't actually take a moment to read the synopsis. It starts with an abandonment dream sequence, which seems a little risky in a competition like this, as it may not show enough of what you are going to get if you keep reading. What it does show you is an absolutely beautiful illustration style. It has an old feel to it, and a very admirable conscious direction of being an all ages comic. That is part of the creators specific vision for this, based on comments he has made in the feedback

Check out all the offerings, let me know what you are liking there this month. More importanly though, let THEM know what you are liking.


Bengo said...

I admit, I've only read and thumbed a couple of dozen posts, maybe more... but it seems aside from Zuda, you barely graze webcomics while covering lots of other neat stuff.

I'm just curious if you are finding none to like, or what.

I like your blog.

I do and http://scratchinpostcomics, btw, among other things.

Back to browsing.


Bengo said...

First link should read

Sorry about that.
- B

Talkin Bout Comics said...

That's an absolutely fair statement. I was even slow to jump on the Zuda bandwagon. I have nothing inherently against webcomics at all. Unfortunately I have just not dived in to very many. I read Girls With Slingshots, and a LOT of Zuda stuff, mostly because it is in one place, easy to get into, and... well there's some fantastic stuff there, no one can deny it.

I haven't looked at your sites yet, but I will later today. If you suggest any particular webcomics, or if there are other good places to go for more variety, I'll check them out too. Great comics are great, but great comics for free are even better.
Thanks for posting!

Bengo said...

You're welcome at my sites, but don't feel obligated.

Since you enjoy Zuda, I was going to suggest RedMask, but it seems to have vanished. I'll have to email the author. It's a great SF graphic novel.

I often suggest Ugly Girl at as a comic all can enjoy. It's about high school students whose bodies carry the stigmata associated with their status. Art was shaky at first but found its stride. is cartoons for people perplexed by the world, which means most of us.

AntGuy ( is a good black and white crazy SF/reality tale, with skilled art. is real popular without being obnoxious. Slight manga influence in the art. Sundays are in color. Usually you want to avoid popular ones because they are mostly stoked by hype and copy cat behavior, but this is an exception.

If you told me one or none of those grabbed you, I would be better positioned to try other titles. There are currently almost 10,000, thought the majority are small and unknown to most people.

The is a list of active webcomics on, another one of my projects. Unlike most lists, dormant and dead comics are culled and put on a different list.

My pal Mike's blog often covers Zuda. If you haven't read it, it's at

I don't blog on Zuda, but I only blog on webcomics at

I also keep a list of webcomic blogs here:

Hope you have some fun with these. If I wasn't exhausted I'd say something intelligent.


Talkin Bout Comics said...

I don't feel obligated, but if someone suggests something, I'll always give it a look. I'd hate to miss something worth reading, and it gives me more to write about here.

That being said...
Scratchin Post is great! It's a bit confusing here and there, but less so with the more of it that you read. It's funny and the art is great.

I haven't read Lil Nyet yet, but I want to. I will also read the comics you've suggested as a starting point. If I am reading it, most likely I will post about it,

Bengo said...

You're a versatile enthusiast -- the best kind of reader.

Scratch Post has a cast more like the Simpsons, where Lil Nyet is more like Peanuts in size. That makes Scratchin Post a bit more ambitious. Also, the central conceit -- that Trixie thinks Katrinka is male -- probably needs a bit more clarifications, especially since a few other characters think she's male too (mainly next door neighbors, the Poodlesteins).

We have a large unpublished archive for Scratchin Post, so we are trying to be more careful to choose stories that gradually introduce "in the know" details. But it's hard, since most stories have at least a couple.

I appreciate your taking time to plunge more into webcomics. We appreciate all the coverage and readers we get, and while the growth has been tremendous in both, so has the number of titles, so there is always hunger for more.

I feel bad about not naming more titles, since there are many who deserve it, but I don't want to go wild, and other readers might want to suggest some too.