Friday, March 20, 2009

Comic Book Day 3/18/2009 - Outrage!

Ok, not really outrage, but almost. I almost didn't pick up my comics this week because money is tight. I got a few extra dollars, though, and figured that I could at least grab what was pulled for me. I got to my LCS, and right there on the shelf was Courtney Crumrin's Monstrous Holiday. I love all things Courtney Crumrin, and get excited when a new book comes out. Unfortunately for me, this isn't a new book. This is a collection of two previous stories that were released in their own slim volumes already. NOWHERE on this thing does it say that it contains items previously published elsewhere. Every bit of it is listed as copyright 2009. It is volume 4, There isn't even a mention of Vampires or Wolves on the blurb in the back. Most Trade collections at least tell you what issues went into them, etc. I think this was a fairly underhanded thing to do. I bought it, I paid eleven bucks and got something I already had. Shame on me for not paying better attention. For it's part, though... I can't stay mad. If You didn't pick up Fire-Thief's Tale or Prince of Nowhere, you should absolutely pick this up. Courtney does some growing up in these stories, and seemingly a little growing apart from her Uncle. It's good stuff in the sort of horror/occult/folklore mold that Hellboy works in, celebrating tales and lore(real or imagined) as much as the characters that show up in each issue. (I apologize for comparing comics to Hellboy, but... I mean... It's a compliment, obviously, and has no negative to it ).

So there was that.

Otherwise, here is what I picked up:

Dark Avengers #3 - Bad guys are like good guys, and they travel in time to help Dr. Doom beat up Morgana Le Fay to keep her from coming forward in time over and over to kick their butts. I have a thing against The Sentry. I just can't stand him in normal continuity. This issue has more Sentry than I like, but overall it's good stuff.

Amazing Spider-Man #588 - This is part 4 of the 4 part 'Character Assassination' Arc. It's a great end to a good storyline. This issue ties things up well, features a prison break, a fight with the Menace, a conspiracy blown apart, and Harry Osborn back in goblin gear! Pretty good stuff. Well written, with solid art by Romita Jr.

Spider-Man Noir #4 - This was a good solid mini-series. I thought it ended strong and hit a lot of good Spider-Man beats while still keeping a ... Noir...ish feel about it. Noir Aunt May is a little less annoying than regular Aunt May.

Tiny Titans #14 - I swear, if I had to cancel all of my comics I would still pick this one up. It is the warm & fuzzy, cute and funny that we can all use in these tough economic times! Pet Club Paradise Island!!! The boys all stand on a table... because they can't touch the ground of course! This comic makes me happy, and it's PERFECT for kids of all ages.

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