Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Comic Book Day 3/25/2009

In my past several visits to my LCS, I have cancelled some titles. I really need to keep my weekly spending down, so I have been making some room by letting some things go. There are a few titles coming up that I want to get, so every little bit helps. Now I need to not purchase the titles i have cancelled as impulse buys... Responsible spending is no fun. Even semi-responsible spending is no fun.

What is fun, though... is comics! (and comic related magazines of decent quality).

Amazing Spider-Man #589 - The Spot returns! I have always liked the Spot. This is a decent enough issue, and we get to see the Spot in action, and Spider-Man making fun of Christian Bale as Batman I guess. Not the best or worst.

Incredible Hercules #127 - Dark Regn tie in, but it really just continues a bunch of way cool, but semi confusing stuff that has been brewing for a while. I'll give it to Dark Reign... for an event it is doing a good job of having tie-ins that don't suck. It's still Herc, I still love it.

The Umbrella Academy #5 - Fantastic issue. Awesome way to segue into a time travel event that we are joining in media res. This is a good, fun and interesting comic. The art is great, characters are great, and... it's holding my interest. Just one issue to go.

Runaways #8 - I love Miyazawa's art on this. I think it works really well, and seems more natural than Ramos's, while bringing the same sort of youthfulness and style. This is the series I dropped this week. I like it, but in the grand scheme I can live without, or pick up in trades if i want.

Last week I dropped Madame Xanadu. My respect for Wagner and my love of Amy Reader Hadley's spectacular art is no longer enough to keep me purchasing a book that has a potentially fantastic premise, and great writing, but still falls flat for me. I also dropped JSA, even though I know it is going to get a cool writing change soon. Compared to the things I am loving, and the things I want to try, it just doesn't merit my continued cash on a regular basis.

I plan to start reviewing and discussing more online offerings soon. I need to broaden my horizons beyond the very excellent Zuda and the many terrific titles I regularly read there. I am having a bit of a malaise with regard to writing things out right now, and it isn't ALL because of my current X-Box 360 Fallout 3 addiction... Some of it is because I am lazy too!

Also.. I started getting Comics Foundry starting with the previous issue... and now... I just got the last issue of it as a magazine. It's pretty good stuff, but it's gone now! :( <-- that is an official journalistic notation I must point out.


caanantheartboy said...

You weren't tempted by Boom!'s Muppet Show and Incredibles books, Rob? I haven't read the Incredibles yet, but that Muppet book is pure gold.

Talkin Bout Comics said...

You need to understand something about me...


Your reply was still open on my screen when I ran out of the house to spend my lunch hour getting the comics you mentioned.

Seriously... It is almost irresponsible to say you like something in front of me. My eventual financial ruin at my own hands is.. er... on your hands...

:) Actually I had meant to pick up the Muppet Show Comic Book on Wed., but I got distracted. I will use a new post to talk about these comics. Thanks for mentioning them!