Saturday, March 21, 2009

Daredevil Director's Cut

I was on business travel in Chicago when Daredevil was released. I went with a co-worker and we both enjoyed the movie just fine, but I had a lot of issues with a lot of things about the movie, because I am a geek, and that's what we do. I asked for, and received the director's cut dvd a long time ago, for some gift getting occasion. I never watched it until last night.

My daughters mentioned wanting to see the movie. I can't recall what triggered them to ask, but they did, and we watched it together last night. They didn't have any issues with it, and enjoyed it plenty. I still have some issues, but there are a lot of things I don't have issues about.

Ben Affleck is a good Matt Murdoch, and a perfectly fine Daredevil. That stuff you don't like in there... that's called sub-par writing and misguided direction.

Colin Farrell is not someone I generally care for. I think he was good in the role of Bullseye, but I think the role of Bullseye in this movie was fairly crappy from a fan of Bullseye and Daredevil from way back. He should have had a costume, he should have been less over the top goofy, while still being over the top badass.

Jennifer Garner was a fine Elektra. I think she was way better than the role (see above). They really did take a lot of what Elektra should be, and what makes her cool and interesting, and tossed it out the window in order to make her something else.

Michael Clark Duncan was a fantastic chouce for the Kingpin. The red rose thing was dumb. What he should have done is said something catchy at each kill... something about dancing and devils and the paleness of moonlight maybe...

The only better choice for Kingpin would have been King Kong Bundy in his prime!! He was born for the role!! if not him, then Duncan certainly has presence as well as size. His character was written pretty well.

Lots of action and some humor, etc filled out the movie. It has... even in the director's cut... the ridiculous ending where Ben Urich hits the delete key (located directly next to the print key on his keyboard) and it deletes from the end of the document, removing a character at a time going back through his document... Did he really do it that way? What computer or program has EVER deleted documents that way?

Otherwise... Honestly this isn't even close to the worst comic related movie. I'd like to see them do another one where they take better care with the writing.

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dysney said...

I thoroughly agree. The writing was poor and the direction was pedestrian at best. I still cannot believe they trusted great characters with a dopey director.