Thursday, March 12, 2009

Comic Book Day 3/11/2009

Really really slow comic book day for me.

My only pull was
Umbrella Academy #4 - I can't say much but this... Another great issue. I love the art, the writing... the characters, the everything. Good stuff!

My two impulse buys were:

Astonishing Tales #2 - I like this more than I can explain. I kind of love that it is a comic with multiple unrelated serialized stories. None of them are ones I would buy a book for, but together it's kind of fun and awesome. I also sort of totally love the covers, and the art on the Wolverine & Punisher story (Kenneth Rocafort). I like that you get four installments at a time, with different art, and stories with some humor in them, but not all the same humor. 32 pages of story, 3.99. Not sure if it's the best bargain or anything, but especially on a slow day it was nice to have.

Ghost Rider #33 - I am a huge fan of Jason Aaron's Scalped. I have wanted to read his Ghost Rider since he started doing it. I think this was a pretty neat issue to pick up. It has a running narrative that takes us through a long history and tradition of spirits of vengeance. The issue ends with a new Caretaker taking up the caretaker mantle. Especially funny is the Smokey and the Bandit bit. If you haven't picked up an issue in a while, this seems like a stepping on point, as you get a sort of recap and what seems like a new beginning.

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