Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Marvel Year (3/15/2009)

The following is a list of comics I have read online at Marvel Digital Comics, as well as some lip-service on my experience with the service since my last update:

AMERICAN EAGLE: JUST A LITTLE OLD-FASHIONED JUSTICE #1 - This is labeled as a 'digital exclusive'. It is penned by Jason Aaron with art by Richard Isanove. I love Jason Aaron's writing. I base that mostly on Scalped, but I think that can stand on it's own as a sign the guy can write. I am hoping to read at least some of his Ghost Rider soon (in addition to the most recent issue that I picked up and enjoyed last week). This is a 9 page story featuring American Eagle and the Villain CottonMouth. It features some on and off Rez interplay, and was enjoyable with a little twist to it.

KID COLT #1 - This is another thing labeled as a 'digital exclusive' I am not sure if this is some extra thing, or just the first part of the first issue of the mini series. The art is not my favorite, but it's a pretty good read so far. Kid Colt is wanted for a crime that isn't what it seems. He needs to find an eye witness who will testify to his account of the incident and get to trial before hired killers stop him dead. Sounds like a decent western to me.

SUB-MARINER #1 - 4 of 6 - I wish the whole mini-series was online. I am generally indifferent about Namor, but I thought this was pretty good, and definitely want to finish it some day. The art is solid, and the plot is good. The fights (especially Namor v Venom) are really good as well.

Avengers Fairy Tales #1 & 2 - This is written by CB Cebulski, and features Avengers themed takes on Childrens story classics. Issue 1 is Peter Pan, with art by Joao Lemos. It has Wanda, Pietro, Captain America, Hawkeye, Thor, Iron Man and Klaw. Issue 2 is Pinnochio with art by Nuno Plati. It has the Vision, Scarlet Witch, Henry Pym, Wasp, Ultron and Jocasta in it. I think Cebulski is pretty great at doing funny or quirky/interesting well written stuff. In my opinion, while this is cute and well done, I think the art is what really sells it. Beautiful work on both of these by 2 different artists. I own at least the first issue of this, but read both online in the past week.

X-Calibre #1 & 2 - This is a mini series written by Warren Ellis. I actually kind of like this, despite loathing all things apocalypse related, and not liking the art all that much either. I promise it's because I think there is some actual good and interesting stuff here, and not just because it's written by Ellis. It takes place in the Age of Apocalypse setting, and is at least so far about the safe-haven Avalon. I think it's weird to think of Nightcrawler throwing around the word Mom as much as he does in the second issue, but it really isn't awful.

Marvel Digital Comics - My only real complaint or comment this time isn't much of either with regard to the actual service itself. In fact, it is a bit of a compliment to the Marvel offering. I have found myself several times since I subscribed thinking... I'll just look that up and read it... only it's been DC comics that I have thought that about. I really do wish I could just pop on line and read old Green Lantern and Superman and Batman and Wonder Woman stuff. I think as a public service, DC and Marvel should make everything prior to a certain point in time available for free online. They could do it in conjunction with like... Universities? The Smithsonian? um... Libraries... Ok , I haven't thought this through, but for my purposes it would be way better than having to buy a ton of Showcase volumes so that I may better know my history...

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