Thursday, March 5, 2009

Comic Book Day 3/04/2009

Not a lot for me this week, but pretty great as far as quality goes:

Ultimate Wolverine VS Hulk #3 - I should probably make a point of not indulging companies and creators by rewarding a three year or so delay between issues in a mini series by buying the issues when they finally come out, but I did... so there. I liked it. I kind of hated Yu's art in the New Avengers, but I kind of love it in this title. I really like how this is written. I don't know how it stands up to anything else, and I almost don't recall the previous two issues, but I thought this was good. I love Hulk-Buddhism, and again... If you start a mini series with Wolverine looking for his lower half, you may have me for a few issues. They seem to have made it longer... from 4 issues to 6 I think... I wonder if that's because they have to pretend the actual first two issues don't exist. There was a lot of catch up in this issue, but it was fun enough for me to not think too harshly of it right now.

Agents Of Atlas #2 - This is a perfect series for me. I am just crazy about how cool this stuff is. It is a very well crafted and well... constructed title. Great compelling characters, a plot with some fun twists in it and some drama and interpersonal stuff as well as action and humor... This isn't the only series that has found this formula, but good writers just do it. I know I said this before, and hopefully I will get to keep saying it on a regular basis.

Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures In The 8th Grade #4 - How did I not realize this was a mini series until just now? WHY is this a mini series? I really think this series started good and is getting better with each issue. This one features the best Streaky the supercat ever. It also continues to give us characters that have strengths and flaws, etc. without taking away from the fun.

Those were my pulls this week, and that left me with a few bucks to pick up another book on not quite a whim. I have wanted some more Matt Feazell in my collection for a long time. I have the issue of Zot that he did, but other than that, nothing.

The Amazing Cynicalman by Matt Feazell is the size of one of the little Far Side collections, and it is non-stop funny. It is a bit dated (56k connections and Geo Metros get nods in the strips in this volume, but that's fine with me as I am equally dated, and it is funny regardless. This collection covers 1997 - 2002, and the subject matter of the strips runs the full range of subject matter while being clean cute and something my mother could read, but she probably wouldn't.

Go buy it now! (assuming you can get it that way...)

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