Friday, February 27, 2009

Comic Book Day 2/25/2009

Green Lantern #38 - After picking up #37 and finding it intriguingly crazy and pretty cool, I picked up 38 and it delivered plenty more of the same. I really hadn't expected to enjoy this, or even pick it up, but I may need to ride it out for a bit.

Echo #10 - Excellent issue. I love the characters in this. Ivy Raven and Julie Martin are great. Ivy Raven is a great character and extremely intriguing. The more we see of her the more we want to see. Still a bit shorter than I would like, but good stuff.

Dr. Doom And The Masters Of Evil #2 - Another good issue. Not quite as funny in my opinion as the first issue, but still a lot of fun with great art and humor.

Madame Xanadu #8 - I know I keep saying this, but I think I am going to cancel this. There are a few other comics that I may start pulling, and I should probably drop some that aren't doing as much for me anymore. The art of Amy Reeder Hadley continues to be the big draw. I like the writing, and I am curious about the interaction between Madame X and the Phantom Stranger, but I am thinking that trades might be the way for me to go in the future.

Incredible Hercules #126 - This really feels like a catch up issue. I mean... it actually IS a catch up issue. There's an origin story, then a couple pages of 'Saga'-like recounting of the story so far, and then a back-up story about Amadeus's bittersweet reunion with Kirby, his cute as heck little puppy that had been replaced by a skrull. The backup is my favorite part of this, although I liked the rest of the material ok. The backup has art by Takeshi Miyazawa, and it's pretty great.

Runaways #7 - I have said previously that I am a pretty big fan of Humberto Ramos's art, but it is pretty neat to see Takeshi Miyazawa's art on this issue. It is a bit tough sometimes when artists change on a title, and the styles are far enough apart that it's hard to tell who is who at first. I got that a lot in this issue, but I REALLY like the art, so it's worth it. I think the zombie army storyline looks like a funny one, so I think I will stay with this for at least a bit longer.

Justice Society # 24 - Pretty good issue. Not my most or least favorite, and I do like the Shazam stuff. I DO NOT like or ever need to see this current incarnation of Mary Marvel, but I like to just pretend it's not her, and that the Mary from Billy Batson... is the one true Mary... the pink haired one is like Mairee Marvul... see I understand the confusion, sounds the same but totally not the same...

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