Sunday, February 15, 2009

Johnny Caronte: Zombie Detective and The Revolver

Johnny Caronte: Zombie Detective and The Revolver - Jaime Roman Collado & Tony Sandoval - This is a slim volume that I think was marketed as a graphic novel for the very reasonable price of 6 dollars by Alias Enterprises in 2005. It is two stories related only by the artist and the underworld theme that runs through both. Johnny Caronte is a pulp noir detective story that takes place in a city populated exclusively by zombies, and The Revolver is a story set in a world of demons. Johnny Caronte is written by Jaime Roman Collado, with art by Tony Sandoval, while The Revolver is written and drawn by Tony Sandoval.

The art is really great throughout both stories. I think it is worth getting for the terrific art alone. The fact that both stories are better than average for done in one stories is like a bonus you get with the art. You get about 50 pages or so of comics, and a handfull of related art. I will say again that I think 6 dollars was a great price, and the three I paid for it at the used bookstore is a steal.

Johnny Caronte is a stright forward detective story, except for the setting and some of the details. Johnny is on the case of a new killer in town who has taken out the daughter of the mayor. It's 22 pages and it successfully introduces the characters and the world, the current situation, and then takes us through the case. It does a good job, it's funny, and the art kicks butt.

The Revolver centers on a thief who has stolen a powerful weapon from a demon lord and is using it to kill demons. The demons waste no time in getting their own killer on the thiefs case. It's a solid action piece, I liked it a lot, and if I haven't mentioned the art enough... I really liked it.

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