Sunday, February 8, 2009

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Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade #3 - Still good. This is not my favorite title, but I think it still succeeds as a kids book. I'll keep getting it, as my 9 year old daughter digs it. The plot continues to thicken, and we have a nice mix of the super and the mundane, and none of it is easy for Supergirl.

The Amazing Spider-Man #585 - Maybe I haven't paid enough attention, or maybe this issue really has a surprise ending. On my first read through I thought I wasn't liking this current bit, but on further examination I don't think that's true. I enjoyed it a good bit. I like JrJr's art. I guess that wouldn't shock too many people, but I don't always love that style. It really works. Also this is one of those 'Spidey gets the crap kicked out of him' issues, but this one doesn't end with him reaching deep down and making it out ok. I am anxious to see the next issue.

Agents Of Atlas #1 - This was great, I picked it up because I was compelled to, but I hadn't expected to like it this much. Agents of Atlas are a team consisting of Jimmy Woo, Gorilla Man, M-11, Venus, Marvel Boy and Namora. I am really enjoying this Namora renaissance of late. The title is good and fun. There is potential for a lot going on. It is brought in under the Dark Reign brand, which made me want to turn my nose up, but if it stays this good, it has nothing to worry about from me. The main story is backed up with a Wolverine: Agent of atlas story involving brood of all sizes.

Astonishing Tales #1 - This is my impulse buy of the year(so far anyway). I hadn't planned on getting it, but I saw the title and the cool wrap around cover and decided I had to get it. It is packed with stories, all of them decent, and two of them pretty cool. Wolverine & Punisher, Iron Man 2020, Mojoworld, Iron Man. I really like the Iron Man 2020 story in which Arno Stark is Iron Man without all that ... restraint that Tony brought to the role. I am a bit cool on the regular iron man story. I wish the space was used for something else, but it isn't bad. I hate Mojo, but the Mojoworld story makes up for that with some distinctive art. I don't want to like it, but I can't ignore it. I hope this title stays good.

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John said...

I thought this latest issue of Supergirl:CAit8G was the best one yet. How can you not love a scene where Supergirl's head gets turned to cheese? "I'm too delicious to live!" It was only a daydream, but it may have been the funniest single-panel joke I've seen in a kids' comic outside of Tiny Titans.