Saturday, February 7, 2009

Scott Pilgrim #Shiny!

Scott Pilgrim VS The Universe - Bryan Lee O'Malley - This is volume 5 in the series, but you must already know that. I won't disown you if you haven't been reading this, but you are missing out. If you for whatever reason may have picked up a volume and not loved it as much as I did, this may be an issue to pick up anyway. #4 in my opinion is one of the all time best comics. At the very least, in terms of my enjoyment of comics. # 5 is perhaps not as non-stop fun and funny, but it has a LOT of depth and a lot of character development in it.

It's still funny. Scott stuffing his face, Scott being lovable and clueless, Scott explaining oldschool X-men plot to Ramona, Scott getting his butt kicked by a tiny robot, etc. Including some funny that isn't generated exclusively by Scott. It is a funny book, and I laughed a lot. That isn't all we get in this volume though. For the first time since I have been reading this I felt really sorry for anyone trying to date Scott or even care about him very much. We have always known exactly how he is. He is a very face value kind of guy. but in this one you start to feel a little bad for the people that love and care for him.

There are some big new twists in this one. We get a lot of Kim Pine, who I am crazy about. We get inexplicably shiny Ramona, and Gideon the final boss is introduced, but not seen in person. My biggest complaint about this is that we don't have the next volume sitting and waiting to be read right now. I'm not kidding about that, or being cute. I almost wish I head waited until the next one was out before reading this one, but there is no way I could have waited that long.

If for some reason you have not been able to get into Scott Pilgrim, you may wish to try this one. If you've never read any of them, go get the first one and give it a try. They are often shelved with manga. The rest of you are getting it anyway, or already have it, so you didn't really need a recommendation, did you?


John said...

Drat, you beat me to the punch (so to speak)! This is what I get for spending my entire week/end getting ready for/going to NY Comic Con.

I'm glad you liked the book, though, and that you were able to get a shiny-covered first printing. I've felt bad for Scott's exes ever since they introduced Lisa Miller back in Vol. 2 (and then didn't develop her story until Vol. 4!) Kim definitely hijacked this volume in a good way, and I'm glad O'Malley made the choices he did. Good times!

Talkin Bout Comics said...

I wish I could have gone to the con as well. I am not sure how I would have done with the crowds that were apparently there, but I still would have liked to go.