Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Comic Book Day 2/18/2009

This was a good comic book day for me. I got 3 titles in by box and picked up an additional 3 from the wall, and really enjoyed all of them. Here they are in brief:

Amazing Spider-Man #567 - Spider-Man is arrested. Good thing he has a good lawyer. Matt Murdoch and a few of his friends show up to help him out. On the other side of things we have multiple conspiracies coming to bear, with no signs of slowing down. I know I have said this before, I really like where this series has gone. I love the crossover in it. I know that it seems like everyone else has spent nearly as much time in Spidey-tights as Peter has, but I love that. In the face of some heavy stuff, it's heartening and fun. Good guys like Spidey are going to have friends.

Tiny Titans #13 - DC should cancel all other titles with the word Titans in them (unless they are still making Teen Titans Go) and they should base their titans franchise around the Kids/All ages stuff. This title makes me laugh and is nothing but cuteness and fun. I love it, my kids enjoy it too. Not all comics need to be like that, but it's awesome when you find titles like that.

Dark Avengers #2 - I wasn't expecting this issue to end with an all out battle against Morgana Le Fay and her demonic forces, but there it is... right there at the end... and like any good party, it doesn't even START until Sentry has ripped somebody's head off... I love the idea here. I really adore the idea of saying... screw you guys, I'll make my own... you... and fielding a team of look alikes and giving them the names and costumes of the original players. I never read thunderbolts, but I am enjoying this so far.

Supergirl #38 - I have been meaning to pick this up recently. I wish I had picked up part 1 of the Who is Superwoman thing, but regardless, this was a good read and I enjoyed it well enough. I'm not sure I will keep getting this, but one issue isn't really enough to fairly judge it.

Spider-Man Noir #3- I am still liking this. I think this will benefit from re-reading when the whole thing is done (one more issue) It got interesting this issue in an unexpected way. It was probably the title that interested me the least of the stuff I got.

Green Lantern #36(2nd printing) - I know this isn't new, but I felt like picking it up since I haven't really looked at Green Lantern stuff since the Hal Jordan Rebirth thing. I have been reading and hearing about GL stuff as everyone has, so I thought it would be good to pick up an issue. I liked this a lot. I liked the blue lanterns, and I didn't feel completely lost or anything despite the fact that I probably am lost when it comes to GL stuff right now.

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John said...

Hey now, don't count Teen Titans out just yet. They're just starting to get a great lineup of new teen heroes (including a no-longer-angsty Wonder Girl, Blue Beetle, Traci 13, Red Devil, Miss Martian, and my personal favorite, Misfit!) All they have to do is remove Bombshell and get Ravager back on the team, and you have the first really compelling Teen Titans lineup since Geoff Johns started writing the book! It's too bad there's really no hope for the other Titans series. It really is quite awful.

As far as Green Lantern goes, I have three words for you: Sinestro. Corps. War. Best DC crossover in entirely too many years.