Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dreamin Bout Comics

I have resisted posting this for a few day, but other than the fact that no-one is interested in other people's dreams, I see no reason not to.

Last week I had a full night of comic related dreams. I can't think of any particular catalyst other than the fact that I pretty much live on comic blogs these days, and I had been reading things about the New York Comic Con and generally wishing that I could have been there.

One of my dreams featured a sort of surreal comic convention. It was in a sprawling warehouse complex not at all unlike the sorts of places that often house antique and collectibles 'malls' or indoor flea markets. There were old pros and lots of vendors and stores represented. I don't recall a lot more than that, other than it had a strange folk festival vibe to it as well, and I was walking around with someone I have never seen before. In the dream I at least sort of knew him. It was an interesting dream. I am pretty sure I have had dreams set at that 'convention' before. I wish I could have more like that, and maybe dream-read some half-priced trades.

The other dream I had was set in an amalgam of places like my current house and the house I grew up in. This is also not uncommon for me in dreams. This one was notable because I dreamed I had a phone conversation with Valerie of the Occasional Superheroine blog. I am a fan of her blog, and in the past few months have had a lot of things I wouldn't have minded saying to her, so my dream self just gave her a call apparently.

It was a nice conversation. For her part, my dream version of her was a bit reserved and apprehensive I guess, but nothing but nice. I mostly just went on introducing myself, trying not to seem stalkerish, and talking about her blog.

I told her that I thought her blog was pretty great, and that while things had seemed a bit bumpy for a while, she had come back like gangbusters and was doing some of her best stuff. Good variety, entertaining, insightful, etc.

That was pretty much it. I figured I should document it here since it's sort of almost comic related.

Anyone else out there having comic dreams?


Shannon Smith said...

I've had comics (and toy) dreams all my life. They most often revolve around me finding myself in a basement or closet from my past or present and stumbling into a huge find of awesome comics (or toys). Often, it will be like, "How did I forget I own Fantastic Four #1?!?" But then I wake up to remember that no, I don't actually own those cool comics. I also have comic convention dreams where I'm hanging out with my pals. These are no different than the school and work place recall dreams that most people have. I guess.

caanantheartboy said...

Funnily enough, I don't really enjoy listening to people's dreams, but I'm okay with reading about them. Weird. I guess books are mostly what people dream up anyhow, so... in a way, I'm kinda used to reading other's dreams that way. ;o)

I used to have a recurring dream in high school that the mean kids would provoke me into a fight by stealing all my comics I used to draw, and tear them up. So... more of a nightmare than a dream.

John said...

I recently had a dream featuring a comic book character, but that's about as close as I've come lately.
I dreamt I was in a cult that worshiped Etrigan the Demon, but we all made fun of the high priest behind his back because his rhymes were embarrassingly bad.

I have no idea how to interpret this.