Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Superman: Infinite City

Superman: Infinite City - Mike Kennedy & Carlos Meglia - This is a 24.95 hardback released in 2005. I picked it up for 12 bucks at the used book store that I go to. I am increasingly hot for hardcovers, although I am trying not to fully give in to that. I prefer to get them with 'found money' or used if possible. I have resisted buying the mediocre batman volumes that have turned up in the used bookstore, but while I have a decent collection of Batman on my shelves, Superman in under-represented. I understand this probably isn't what anyone would recommend, but I enjoyed it a lot. I absolutely love the character design and art. The pages seem a bit cluttered, but this is to me, a sort of 'out there' romp. The premise is crazy and fun. The plot holes may be huge in places, but honestly, it is possible to just not worry over them and enjoy the story.

Superman busts a criminal that is using a super high tech weapon. He traces the weapon to Infinite City, which at first glance seems to be a sort of diner in the middle of nowhere. Lois and Clark go to investigate. When they get there and do just the most minimal investigation, they get pulled into a strange temporal pocket that is a sort of nexus between realities and worlds and such.

The good news is that Superman gets to see his dad again. The bad news I guess is that his dad is a sort of construct, and there are plots and concerns and mechanical swarms, etc. I thought it was fun, I recommend it, but maybe not at 25 bucks.

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