Saturday, January 24, 2009

Batman: The Brave and the Bold Episode 8

Where is the fun in having a blog if you don't try to have recurring features?...right?

Opens with Batman and the Ted Kord as Blue Beetle 'two years ago' breaking into some bad guy lair
In the main story we get Jaime Reyes and his friend sitting at a campfire while Jaime tells the classic Green Lantern origin story. His friend thinks it's stupid and doesn't believe that the ring chose the lantern for his heroic traits, but that he just lucked into the ring. This gives Jaime a fit. He needs to know that heroes are chosen and not just made by dumb luck. He wants to believe that he has the scarab because he is worth it, because there is more to him than even he fully comprehends. He seeks out Batman, who happens to be fighting Dr. Polaris, and after Jaime keeps getting in his way, Batman pulls a LLoyd Benson and tells Jaime he is nothing like the previous Blue Beetle. Jaime seeks out Info in Hub City, and the Scarab takes him to Ted's old Lair. He then ends up on Science Island!! meeting Ted Kord in person... or is he...

Turns out, the guy that Jaime meets and is tricked to power up an army of robots by, is not the Good TED Kord, but the evil(and or misguided) JARVIS Kord... fresh off his stint as the Avenger's butler... ok, not really. Jarvis wants to achieve world peace through total domination via robot army. Yep, Jaime shows his heroism, Batman confirms that he was chosen, and that even Ted, who was awesome... Never got the scarab to work like Jaime did.

This is a good episode. The opener is great because instead of seeing Batman as competitive testosterone junkie as we have when he teams up with Green Arrow, We see Batman and Ted... Science geeks having conversations about gadgets as they kick butt. I really do like what the series is doing. It is so much less about fighting and action (which is there) but it is all about the team up, and the personalities and relationships, etc. Only it's done in a way that is more subtle than that. I mean, it's still obvious, but it isn't after-school special heavy handed. For only seeing Bruce in flashbacks in this series, and despite a near whackiness to it... We actually see a good bit of the real Bruce.


The Inkwell Bookstore said...

Your reviews of TB&TB have me watching them online, one after another, during work hours.

Talkin Bout Comics said...

Score!! By all means comment! share opinions on the episodes... um.. feel free to.. 'bout them. Hope you are enjoying the episodes! I know I have been.