Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's like Magic...turning cards into comics

I sold my collection of Magic The Gathering cards yesterday. Actually, I traded my cards for $250 bucks in store credit. I picked up some stuff, then went back today and picked up some more. I still have about 70 bucks in credit left over. Here is what I have picked up. You may notice that I do indeed take people's advice when they give it.

The Collected Stray Bullets Volume 1 - David Lapham
The Punisher (Max) Volume 4 (Hardback) - Garth Ennis
Girl Genius Book 1 - Phil * Kaja Foglio
Sleeper Volumess 1-3 Brubaker & Phillips
The Goon Volume 4 - Eric Powell
Jonah Hex Volume 2 & 3 (I will get vol 1 next time I go, but they aren't numbered. I understand that the issues are standalone stories, but I still wanted to take them in order.
I also picked up my weekly stuff.

I need to get a new bookshelf. This is exciting stuff .


John said...

Holy crap, your LCS had Sleeper Vol. 1 in stock? You lucky duck! That sells for nearly $50 on Amazon! I'm hoping that price will go down when the hardcover gets released later this year.

Talkin Bout Comics said...

Woohoo!! Now I feel really smart, and i think it may be your fault since I think you were talking it up. Yep, My LCS had 1,2,3 right on the shelf. They tend to stay pretty lean(not keeping lots of extra copies) so that is probably all they had. I am REALLY glad I picked it up as it is pretty incredible.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Sleeper!
Seriously, though -- good find on the first trade. Some online stores have it in triple digits.