Thursday, January 22, 2009

Comic Book Day 1/21/2009

I actually made it to my LCS on Wednesday, instead of on some later 'Comic Book Day Observed'. It was a pretty light day for me, but that rarely lasts very long. Here is what I picked up:

Amazing Spider-Man #584 - I will probably appreciate this more in the context of the story arc, but on it's own this issue wasn't as compelling as the other stuff I read.

Spider-Man Noir #2 - Noir pretty well covers it. I am enjoying this so far. Anxious to see the Daredevil treatment

Black Lightning #1 - I thought this wasn't bad. Decent enough art. The story was fine. It was about the same speed as Lean on Me, with some of The Substitute thrown in maybe... probably other movies of that ilk, but with the promise of some electrical powers eventually.

Dr. Doom and the Masters of Evil - Honestly, there is almost no other tactic as effective at getting me to try a new series these days as putting 'all ages' on the cover. There really are a lot of outstanding all ages and kid targeted titles right now. I think it's cool. This issue centers on a Sinister Six team consisting of Mysterio, Kraven, Sandman, Vulture and Chameleon. Dr. Doom has given them a mission to pull off. It's funny and fun, well written and well drawn. I think we know for sure good comics are possible. What possible excuse is there for making bad ones?

Dark Avengers #1 - I didn't want to even like this. The title makes me assume I will hate it. The branding of the next big event makes me feel the same way. Unfortunately for my preconceived notions, I read it and found a lot to enjoy. Norman Osborn is on top of everything. What is the first thing he does? Why recreate the Avengers, sticking himself in it as BOTH Iron Man and Captain America, and usingbad guys to fill the costume of easily recognizable good guys. I'm Sorry, Carol won't play? Hey Moonstone... You're Ms. Marvel now. Bullseye... You can keep the word eye in your name... but instead of a mamal, how about a bird this time... Hawkeye... It has potential. The sort of backup of Nick Fury gathering his tiny little troops together and the promise that he will be disturbing some shit, as they say, made me smile.

Empowered Volume 4. - Another pretty great volume. I will review this as well as 2 & 3 at a later time.

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John said...

I thought that Dr. Doom and the Masters of Evil issue looked good, and I was in desperate need of some light-hearted fare compared to all the dark comics I bought this week. Now I'll make a point to pick it up before next Wednesday.

I think Black Lightning #2 is also out, but I could be mistaken. Anyway, I enjoy the take on the character and look forward to the rest of the mini (it's already shaping up to be better than the Huntress and Metamorpho Year Ones from last year, and may be on par with the Green Arrow one.)