Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another Comic Book Day in the City

I had it in my head that I was going to hit Forbidden Planet again this week since I am working in New York again. I figured I would go on Wednesday as I did last week, since mid way through the week I can usually find a way to get out early, and Forbidden Planet is open until midnight on Comic Book Day, which is pretty cool. You may recall when I asked people for suggestions of where I should go while I am in the city, and Eden was awesome and suggested checking out Toy Tokyo. I googled all of the suggestions I had gotten, and figured I could take a cab to Toy Tokyo, then walk to Forbidden Planet, then cab it back to the hotel for dinner. It sounded like a perfect plan, but little did I know it was even more perfect... MORE PERFECT than I had planned.

I had no trouble finding Toy Tokyo, and it was pretty awesome. It's a small place, but absolutely jam packed with toys and figures and such. Most are in a price range that excludes me from buying them, but I did pick up a few things for my girls, and I had a great time walking around. The clerk there was adorable and very nice, and she helped me figure out what direction I needed to go to get to FP.

So I walked down St. Marks Place from 2nd Avenue... Which is impossible to do without the King Missile song 'Detachable Penis" running through my mind. The awesome thing is if you watch this video... at about a minute and thirty-six seconds, the guy is walking directly in front of where Toy Tokyo is!!! I saw the 'Love Saves The Day' awning. I think I am right about this anyway... If I am wrong, then he is right in front of St. Marks Comics , the next awesome place I went...

St. Mark's Comics is on St. Mark's Place, and I just happened to see it as I was walking. St. Mark's Place itself was a new experience for me... I have never been anywhere like that before. It was cool, but a little freaky to me. It's like walking on the boardwalk in Ocean City(Maryland) only it's a city street and there are no Thrasher's Fries... The comic store was fantastic. It's like you took a rundown rowhouse and stuck a comic shop in it instead of demolishing it. My foot almost went through the floor at one point, I swear. It was really neat, though, with tons of stuff on the shelves and lots of older independent and underground stuff. I was glad I went there, but I didn't get a whole lot.

I had no trouble getting to Forbidden Planet, and it was pretty awesome, just as it was last week. My daughters sent me with some cash this time and I picked up a few things for them while I was there. I also picked up more things for myself. I need to put my comics habit on a diet, but at least I have plenty of good stuff to read and write about when that finally happens. Tonight I picked up the following:

Empowered (TPB) Volume 1
Jonah Hex: Face full of Violence (I have the second and third volumes and needed this one)
Heartbreak Soup - Gilbert Hernandez - I have some of this already, but I missed out on the Palomar HC so I need this and the other trade to make up for it... plus I know it's good, and it is only 15 bucks for nearly 300 pages!
Stray Bullets (TPB) Volume 2
America's Best Comics Sampler - 5 bucks!
Young Liars #11
Johnny Ryan's Angry Youth Comics #14 (from St. Mark's Comics)

I need t go relax and read some now.


Eden said...

Glad you made it to Toy Tokyo! It's such a fun little store (and yes, lots of stuff there no one can afford).

I'm interested in what you think of Empowered. I can't decide if I'd like it or not.

Talkin Bout Comics said...

I just finished it and will go get a write up done now if I can!