Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Comic Book Day 1/28/09

Big Day! (some of these were released previously, but they didn't show up at my LCS until today.

Tiny Titans #12 - Faces of Mischief!! Finals Crisis!! The (hall) Monitor meets the Anti (hall) Monitor!! This book has it all. Trigon and Slade take their kids out for a day of fun and leave Darkseid in charge. Seriously, This title is as funny and enjoyable for me, as it is just adorable. I really wish more titles were this good.

Incredible Hercules #125 - I am not a fan of the type of book this issue was. I don't love those... changed world House of M style things. In this case it's House of XX Chromosomes. It's good, I just don't love the device. That said, I guess this is a decent wrap up to an arc I enjoyed a good bit, so I am not actually complaining. It was fun with all the references to the different women in different positions in the Amazonian world order. Also, in addition to some humor, I thought Emma Frost as the White Phoenix was pretty cool.

Echo #9 - This issue has 9 pages of dream sequence. All of them are decent and more or less contribute something, but I just wish that we got more in a serving than we do. I think this will be great in a long format, but it is a little maddening to read an issue at a time. My frustration is not at all that I think it is anything less than pretty great, it's just a pretty slow moving thing so far.

Black Lightning Year One #2 - Great issue. Solid writing and art. I don't think that is too much to ask of any comic being mass produced these days. I think this is a Year One story more on the lines of Green Arrow and Teen Titans, rather than Huntress. I like black lightning, even when he looks like grown up Static.

The Umbrella Academy: Dallas #3 - Again I will say it... Great art, Great writing, lots of crazy crap thrown together in a way that makes me smile. It's good, and promises to only get better as far as I can tell. We get more explanations in this issue than in all the previous seasons of the show Lost combined... Actually, we get a lot of Number 5, and it's awesome.

Runaways #6 - This is the conclusion to the first arc, and I think this issue makes up for anything that needs making up for from the previous 5 issues. It's sad, it has action and fun as well as more or less resolving things. I am bummed by the sacrifice at the end, but I hope it isn't the last we see of that character.

Final Crisis #7 - I cannot even pretend to understand this at all. But!! Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew seem to appear prominently at the end! I got that when it was first coming out...

Justice Society of America #23 - This carries the Faces of Evil branding and features Black Adam. It was OK, but I doubt I will keep with this title. I like the Justice Society. I liked All-Star Squadron, I like the characters in the book, but I am not sure that I need to keep getting this.

New Avengers #49 - Luke Cage is Awesome. I stopped getting New Avengers a long time ago, but the dynamic between him and Spider-Man in the beginning was enough to merit getting the title. This issue has a lot of Luke Cage awesome as well as some Jessica Jones and baby stuff. It was a good issue, and # 50 should be pretty good as well. The art was great.

I bought the 4th Criminal tpb. I will post about it when I finish it.
I picked up previews, but haven't been able to open it yet


John said...

Even if you give up on JSA now, I'd suggest you give the new creative team a shot when they take over later this year. Willingham and Sturges rarely turn in anything less than stellar, and after his big blog post, I think we'll see Bill crafting some classic superheroic adventures for the team that may make it shine all the brigher among the grim-n-gritty competition.

Talkin Bout Comics said...

Oh man! that's right... I think maybe I will just keep getting it. I will find something I dislike to cancel if I need to cancel something.

I have been a fan of his since Elementals. Good advice, sir.