Thursday, September 11, 2008

Josh Blaylock's Penguin Bros

Penguin Bros -  Josh Blaylock ($10.95, Devil's Due Digest)
I went to the library today and got a nice little haul of things I wasn't real familiar with. The first one I chose to read was this one.

Penguin Bros is cute and fun and funny. The art is decent. The digest format is a little small for all the text that is crammed onto some of the pages. The stories are filled with music movie and comic book references. There is a group of ska loving Penguins living in antarctica. They get super powers and do heroic things as well as day dreaming in school and going to concerts at night.

There is a bunch of editorializing in the form of a tiny penguin holding up signs at various points, and the whole thing works just fine.  I am not sure how young an audience could actually be and still get most of the references and things, but it could be enjoyed even without that. It is very wordy though, so the 12+ suggested age is probably reasonable, although there is no content inapropriate for younger kids.

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