Friday, September 5, 2008

Best Web Browser Related Comic Ever

I am certain everyone has seen this already.  Scott McCloud,  Creator of numerous comic books on comic book craft and philosophy as well as the extremely awesome (and long overlooked by me) series Zot!, has put out this gem regarding the Google Chrome browser.

There is no sarcasm intended there, it is a gem, and I think he proves his own point in the execution of this project. It is lovely, and really gets it's information across in a slick and enjoyable format. It wasn't a fast or easy read for me. I had to actually work through the thirty some pages. This is a pretty technical look at the workings of and the processes and plans behind a ground up (open source) browser project from a major player.

In his books he talks about how comics can convey things that other media can't, or communicate and connect in ways that are on equal footing at least with the formats you would expect to see those things in. There is humor here, there are people and personalities, and there are vast amounts of graphic data on the ideas behind the project.  I liked it better than watching something, as I could put it down and pick it up, reread, mull over, etc. I also liked it infinitely better than trying to slog through straight technical data. Good Job Scott (and others who worked on this.) Nicely done, Smartly done and likable.

On an irrelevant note... I am using Chrome now, and I like it. I already use a lot of google related things, and the browser seems certainly worth giving a go if you like to do that sort of thing. I do, and now I use IE, Firefox, and Chrome.  I have to use IE because I do Netflix and to watch movies and things online you have to use IE with the rights management components that it has. I have a lot of things in Firefox, and Chrome is a curiosity to me, so... three browsers it is.

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