Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Comic Book Day

Today was a light comic book day for me. My only pull was Amazing Spider-Man, and it was good, so that's a good thing. Unfortunately I am incapable of just buying one book, so I scrounged around for more and then bought an extremely reduced price trade of Generation X. I kind of hate Generation X, I hate the characters, I hate the art, the whole works. In fairness, I don't know how much of it I have read, and being a fair guy, I am up for trying something at half price and at least giving it a chance to redeem itself.

The Trade is The Origin of Generation X. It will get its own post when I am done.

Amazing Spider-Man #571 - I am enjoying the heck out of this right now. I guess I will need to come up with new ways of saying that, since it comes out so frequently. It's good stuff. I like anti-venom almost as much as I have disliked regular venom in the past. The Thunderbolts have been fun in this, and Bullseye has been a favorite of mine when done right since way back when.

Big Hero 6 #1 - This is not without it's issues I guess, but I enjoyed it. I didn't read the original Sunfire & Big Hero 6 back in the 1990's . This is sort of tongue in cheek but fun. It has a bit of that goofy manga vibe in a good way. Four dollars got me a 22 page story I enjoyed well enough, and 'official guide' style entries for the main characters and some extra goodies. I am not sure if I will keep getting it, but I enjoyed it enough to justify having gotten it.

NYX: No Way Home #2 - I may stick with this.I LOVE the covers, but that would be a weak reason for buying a mini series I think. The story is growing on me, and the art is decent. There are a lot of what I consider to be well designed panels if nothing else.

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