Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Comic Book Day x2

I missed Comic Book Day last week. I picked up my stuff, but I didn't write about it. I am now faced with a backlog. I will try to make this even quicker and less useful than normal.

The Age of The Sentry #1 - I hate the Sentry. I sort of hate everything about everything about him. HOWEVER. This was pretty cute. It is funny but still a bit reverential to golden age comics.

All Star Superman #12 - Funny, Fun and more. Well written and endearing stories, an over-arcing storyline, good stuff and now it's done. Comics can be like this. Any Comic with All-star in the name should be expected to be this good.

Amazing Spider-Man #572 - ba dot dot dot daa... I'm lovin it.

The Incredible Hercules #121 - This is my favorite Suydam cover of all time. This title is a romp and I am still enjoying it a lot.

Greatest Hits #1 - British Superheroes done like a Beatles documentary. It's not bad, but I am not sure if I will get any more issues. I might just check back in when it is a trade.

Atomic Robo, Dogs of War #2 - Good writing, great art, amazing color! good stuff!

Tiny Titans #8 - More good stuff. Cutest thing ever, and fun. Highlights are Pink Beetle and lots of super pets. Tiny Barda makes a cameo and is cute as heck.

Billy Batson and the Magic of SHAZAM #2 - How awesome is Mike Kunkel? Pretty awesome I'd say. This book is another all ages that is better than most other books out there (so far anyway.) It is a book geared toward kids, but without pandering. It is also really dense. A lot is crammed into each issue. Good stuff!

Kick Drum Comix #1 - I am uncertain of my feelings on Jim Mahfood's work in general, or his genre, or... something. I want to like it less than I do. I loved grrl scouts, though. I really like the stories in this issue as well. I am not sure I love the oversized format, but I think I got 6 bucks of enjoyment out of it. The art and the attitude are different from other stuff I get, and I like to mix things up and make sure that I put a variety of styles in front of my face. I don't like the hard to read lettering, but I enjoyed the first story and really was impressed by the second one. (Coltrane's Reed)

Hulk #6 - This comic is just ok I guess, but may not even be ok. I no longer really care about the payoff. There is a lot of hulk style baby talk, and some jumping to earth from the moon and all, but even that may not keep this on my pull list.

Runaways #2 - Enjoying so far. I thought this issue was better than the first. I like Moore's writing and LOVE Ramos's art.

All Star Batman #10 - Remember what I said up above about All Star Superman... Well this title does not meet that standard. Frank Miller Wrote Year One and the Dark Knight books. Year one is the best Batman ever. The Dark Knight is the best future Batman. All Star Batman... Just isn't up to those standards. Despite a crazy amount of blacked out cussing, this issue is better than most have been, by at least a bit. I thought the cussing segment was a bit like trying to watch the censored version of Kat Williams on comedy central last night. I still haven't cancelled this.

Madame Xanadu #4 - Still liking this. Still loving the art.

Skaar One Shot - Accidentally bought this. I will read it soon.

Ambush Bug #3 - Funny stuff. I am still enjoying this.

Daredevil #111 - Lady Bullseye part 1 - I may start getting Daredevil for at least a while. I have loved DD in the past, and picking up this issue makes me think that maybe I waited longer than I should have to start getting it again.

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