Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just as fat, 3x as cool

A while back I saw something somewhere about Atomic Robo T-shirts. I looked into them, and found that they didn't go to my size according to the site, but the site basically welcomed any questions one might have, etc.

I emailed and asked about the possibility of getting a 3x Robo t-shirt, etc. and asked what the cost would be etc.

I had to wait a little for a reply, but it was well worth it, and I got an apology for the delay, etc. After a series of very pleasant back and forth email messages, I got the following offer. I could get three different Atomic Robo T-shirts, all 3x sized, and I could pick the colors from the stock of 3x shirt they had available, and I could get them for 30 bucks shipped*. Great customer service, great deal, and ultimately (as of a few days ago...) really cool t-shirts! I think these are my first comic t-shirts ever, which is odd given my 30+ years of loving comics.

So here is a Talkin Bout Comics Plug for The Secret Bunker (this is an unsolicited plug, I like the service and the product, so they get a shout out like I would do for anything else!)

Very easy to deal with. The products seem great, and once the payment was in, the turnaround was very fast.

*No idea if this price is available, may have been a one time thing. I am not complaining.

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