Wednesday, June 3, 2009

CBD 6/3/2009

Atomic Robo, Batman and Robin, New Mutants, Agents of Atlas

Just a few things this week, but it's all good stuff.

Atomic Robo: Shadow Beyond Time # 2 - This issue is a completely different sort of ride from the first issue. This time around, our heroes and the giant tentacled creature from beyond our universe take it outside for a car chase and a good bit of action comedy. The banter and comedic timing are still perfect. I could gush all day about this comic and it's creative team, but I will spare you for right now.

Batman and Robin #1 - I can't say this was better than I thought it would be, as I thought it would be very good. It is indeed a very good comic. I liked it a lot, but odd as this may sound, I am not sure I care about it. Morrison's writing can be great, and it is in this book so far. Quitely's art is always fantastic, and it is in this comic. I will give this a few issues, I am sure it will be great. Not sure what it is, but I have a tiny bit of apathy counter-balancing my inclination to go all fanboy over this.

New Mutants #2 - The art on this is good, and the writing is pretty good as well. I love picking back up with the characters I loved so long ago, and the characters are recognizable and distinctive. The story itself has a very creepy element to it and an interesting psychological horror sort of vibe at the moment, since the primary antagonist is Legion and a lot of the action is in his head. It juggles the action inside and out pretty well, and hopefully I will be able to keep up with it for a while.

Agents of Atlas #6 - I am crazy about Jeff Parker's writing and his considerable talent. I am also absolutely crazy about the character of former SHIELD agent Derek Khanata. I am planning to go into greater detail on that at some point, but man is that a compelling and well written character. We are under water for most of this, and we get a lot of insight into Atlanteans and their realities. Good stuff.


John said...

Now, are you absolutely sure this is the CBD for 5/20 and not for 6/3? Because you must get some awesome advance copies of these comics, then :-p

Talkin Bout Comics said...

What? You mean you had to wait until yesterday for your Atomic Robo awesomeness?

Thanks for the catch, John!

John said...

Hey, with the way Diamond treats everything published by Red 5 Comics, I'm lucky to get my copy of Atomic Robo at all!

If you liked Batman & Robin #1, I'd like to point you to this quote from an interview with Grant Morrison at CBR: "Oh, and at the opposite end of the popularity scale, check out Seaguy: Slaves of Mickey Eye!, my Vertigo book. It’s got a reputation for being 'weird,' and since 'weird' is apparently the worst thing a superhero comic can possibly be these days, it’s flying so far under the radar it‘s like black ops." I wish I could extoll the virtues of this book more, but that's another matter entirely. If you haven't been reading Seaguy (vol. 1 is out in trade, and vol. 2 just finished this week) you have no idea what you're missing. It's the best surreal superhero coming-of-age story featuring a hydrophobic, flying, talking, cigar-smoking fish sidekick ever written.